Team Carbon Zero

Our team is working to accelerate the transition to a carbon zero region.


Climate change is happening faster than almost anyone anticipated. We need to be more aggressive and ambitious about implementing solutions to prevent runaway climate change. It is unlikely that much progress will occur on the national level for the next few years.


Fortunately, much of the action needed to combat climate change can be taken locally through decisions on things such as regional planning, building standards and infrastructure. These decisions not only help combat climate change; they create green jobs, enhance our community, increase the livability of our city and improve our health and well-being.

Decision makers must prioritize climate in all their decisions, that is, they must govern through the lens of climate change. We are urging the Sacramento City Council and Board of Supervisors to commit to working with widespread community involvement to establishing the goals and targets needed to move the region to carbon neutral as quickly as possible. 


Come to an upcoming Carbon Zero Team meetings or contact Laurie.