350 Sacramento is a local grassroots organization committed to equitable solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350 ppm.


We believe in a world with a safe climate, where nature is respected and protected, and our social, political, and economic systems work for all people and the planet.

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Knowledge is Power

You already know the need for climate solutions is urgent. We're here with resources on what you need to know about climate change and how to get involved in saving the future of this planet - right here in Sacramento.

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Sacramento Proud

We support local initiatives that work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote low carbon lifestyles with equitable solutions for all communities.



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League for Climate Justice

Together we can help build a super-charged global climate movement at the local level by engaging with our local Sacramento area community members and organizations.

What is 350 PPM?

350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Scientists measure carbon dioxide in “parts per million” (ppm), so 350 ppm is the number humanity needs to get below as soon as possible to avoid runaway climate change.

We reached 400 ppm in 2013. Only three years later in 2016, scientists said we may never return to levels below 400 ppm. While the situation is more urgent than ever, together we can create solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change for current and future generations.


Along with awareness and action, 350 Sacramento values openness, honesty, respect, and fun.

We speak when we need to speak and listen when others need to be heard. There's always something new to learn and an old lesson to remember.

And no lie, climate activism can be rough, but that's why we like to play and have fun with the work we do. We can look at climate change as an opportunity to improve the planet we depend on, and support each other in our shared mission.


If you don't have the capacity right now to volunteer, we also accept donations with plenty of gratitude!


  • Bold and Science-based. Our role is not to be climate experts, but to be advocates guided by the scientific consensus to accelerate the pace of change in order to keep our climate safe; we build the political and social power needed to create possibilities for a better future.
  • All-of-the-above strategy. There is no silver bullet and we must embrace every solution that gets us closer to a just and sustainable future. In our pursuit for a better future, we are intentional in how we approach our work and will not be funded by industries that are destructive to our world. We prioritize climate solutions that enhance the lives of the most vulnerable populations while reducing greenhouse gases as quickly as possible.
  • Equity and Anti-Oppression. Climate solutions must center the needs of frontline communities. We show up and support the struggles of others and advocate for holistic and intersectional solutions to climate and societal problems. We support policies that consider impacts to vulnerable communities, and mitigate potential impacts through financial safeguards and good jobs.
  • Systems Change. We know that the current system was built to benefit a few polluters at the top, leaving the rest of us with bad choices. We focus on changing systems so that people have better choices.
  • We do what we can. Personal lifestyle changes are necessary but not sufficient to solve the climate crisis alone. While we may encourage and educate each other on personal choices, it is not the focus of our work. We never shame people for making the choices that best fit them, and recognize we all have different roles and capacities.
  • Self Care. We know this fight is a marathon and we encourage each other to take breaks and care for ourselves and one another.
  • Distributed Leadership. No one person is responsible for everything, we carry responsibility together. Anybody who wants to take leadership or develop an idea that aligns with our values is welcomed and supported.
  • We are a community. We take time to celebrate, learn, mourn, and have fun together with our members and with other organizations. We come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences to unite for our shared purpose.


Ivan Caballero

Administrative Staff | Focus: Website, database, & IT | Email
Ivan Caballero is an ongoing advocate for social and climate justice, driven by a desire to create a fair and sustainable future for all. He believes it is our moral obligation to work towards a society that values the inherent worth and dignity of every individual and to take responsibility for the well-being of our one and only planet.

Katie McCammon

Communications & Volunteer Coordinator | Focus: Supporting volunteer teams and events |
Katie McCammon has a BA from UC Davis in communication studies with an emphasis on environmental communication. She is currently working on her degree in Public Interest Communications with the University of Florida. She has previously been a volunteer lobbyist with Citizens Climate Lobby in Nevada County and worked with the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. She hopes to use communication skills to bring more unification between communities and inspire collaboration on the climate crisis.

California College Corps Fellows (2022-3 Cohort)

Thank you SVCC Fellows for your meaningful contributions in climate action while working with us!

Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee

Henry Nguyen

Jake Zaleski

Matthew Vang

Leslie Haynes

Board Members

Ilonka Zlatar

President |
Environmental scientist, Master's in ecosystem ecology, training in grassroots organizing from Sierra Student Coalition, and in climate communication through Climate Reality. Love of nature and an activist since childhood. Sacramento Environmentalist of the Year in 2019.

Grant Readle

Vice President 
Grant Readle is a degrowth-oriented environmentalist who has joined the 350 Board to organize events to better prepare the community for the complications climate change will present in the coming years. Grant is an advocate for buy-nothing communities, climate change preparedness, waste prevention, and community resilience overall.Prior to joining the Sac 350 board, Grant was Treasurer and President of Network of Professionals of Water and the Environment, a Sacramento-based environmental meetup group. Grant has served in the Peace Corps in west Africa, and currently is an Economist working in the intersection of solid waste and the environment. Grant’s goal under Sacramento 350 is to increase our community’s self-reliance and preparedness in the face of climate change. In this way, we can simultaneously secure our own future while reducing our dependence on the systems responsible for the climate crisis.

Megan Elsea

Treasurer |
Megan has been a volunteer with 350Sacramento for almost 12 years. She is a lawyer by trade but likes to use her advocacy skills to persuade government bodies and businesses to make policies that take us away from fossil fuels and towards a livable future. She lives in a cohousing development and has experience with different leadership, communication, and decision-making models such as consensus and listening exchanges. Contact with friends and relatives of various species sustains her.

Priyanka Talanki

I am an environmental scientist who is passionate about environmentalism in both my personal and professional life. I strive to surround myself with like-minded individuals working together to make a direct and environmentally beneficial impact in my community on a local level. My goal is to facilitate and strengthen relationships and contribute to 350 Sacramento in a meaningful way.

Kelsey Craig

Air Filters Project |
Kelsey is a Climate Change and Environmental Justice Air Pollution Specialist, with a B.S. in Environmental Toxicology.  With a background in data analysis and scientific communication, Kelsey brings technical skills and a passion for community empowerment to improve public health and fight climate change.

Kristi Henricksen Perry

Member at Large, former Treasurer |
Kristi is a health care administrator with strong operations, finance, human resources, problem-solving, and change & transition leadership skills. Her education (BS Electrical Engineering/PMP/MBA) and experience in engineering, project management, and business administration contribute to her ability to break down complex problems and find solutions. A volunteer with 350 Sacramento since its start in 2010, her passion is bringing the health concerns that are so strongly linked with climate change to the forefront, including food equity, social justice, and mental health/wellness.

Craig Henricksen

Member at Large |
Craig is a technologist and entrepreneur, with 20+ years of experience in leading-edge technology and product development. An engineer by training, Craig has served in various Marketing leadership roles in the Construction Technology industry since coming to California and has set his sights on using his experience to make positive energy-use and sustainability changes in the built environment.

Lita Brydie

Member at Large |

Shalita (Lita) Brydie has two decades of professional experience in a variety of fields, including business administration, business law, and data analysis. The last eight years have included a particular focus on environmental planning and land use management. They serve as a co-leader of a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Alliance, sat on the board of multiple environmentalist and social justice groups in the Sacramento area, and holds membership to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.