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Climate Coffee. Casual meetup (online this month) to make friends and talk about climate. 10am. You don’t have to read anything before you come, but if you’d like to see the group’s suggested articles, see below! Email Rupert if you want to know more.

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Sun, May 17, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PDT)

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Posted on April 8 on the 350 Sacramento Blog
  • Victory!! At their April 7 public hearing, the Sacramento Board of Supervisors directed staff to start work on their long-overdue Climate Action Plan (CAP). Supervisors mentioned the significant public comments they received and growing public concern over climate change.
  • It’s taken over a year of advocacy by 350 Sacramento, ECOS, and Sierra Club to get the County to say they would do what they had committed to. Our coalition submitted numerous letters and comments, coordinated with environmental justice and faith organizations, and organized an online letter/petition email campaign that generated 94 emails to each Board member encouraging them to move the CAP forward. 350 Sacramento also provided each Supervisor copies of 350 Sacramento’s CAP Recommendations document and the book Uninhabitable Earth.
  • We achieved a big goal, but this is just the first step. Our next challenge is to make sure adequate funds are budgeted for the CAP. Then the real work begins. Big land developers consider robust CAP measures a threat and they have political influence. To get a strong CAP we need to generate strong public support over the next year. This is a fight we can win but it won’t be easy. We’ll keep you posted on how you can help.
  • Oscar
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Invitation to everyone to give a 2 or 3 minute talk about a climate or environmental topic that interests them.
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From Lynne  “We apparently live near 3 of these facilities — Sacramento, Woodland, and Lincoln — but there are numerous ones all over, especially in No CA.  Ca Energy Commission and Forest Service are players in the regulatory picture.”

“ECOS Transportation Air Quality Climate Change Committee (TAQCC) is considering a meeting in May (TBD) on the above topic, inviting some board members, with a pro/con discussion of SMUD’s plans and future consequences.  Would you be interested and attend such a meeting?  Any recommendations?There is a call that all SMUD fossil fuel plants be shut down in 10 years (2030) for obvious climate benefits.  What reliable alternative(s) sources would meet the current 54% energy demand provided by natural gas, acknowledging that this percentage will decline over the next 10 years? Is there a [feasible] phasing plan?  What is it? What are the impacts to lower income rate payers?  Do we (the public) know?  Are we willing to work with SMUD on solutions?  How do we create more transparency?From what I hear, a review of the Integrated Resource Plan will be under consideration soon  so the topic could be discussed more fully with the Board at that time.  What steps should the public take to be more fully engaged in the decision-making to influence a change in goals and policies?  Any ideas welcome.Thank you for your feedback!Lynne Goldsmith, co-chair of TAQCC”

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1) SCE  is doing huge battery storage system smud says   “no way, not feasible”Southern California Edison Contracts Huge Storage Portfolio to Replace Gas Plants |

Southern California Edison Contracts Huge Storage Portfolio to Replace G…The California utility’s 770-megawatt battery storage procurement, among the largest ever seen, faces a tough de…2) middle east solar – 1.3 cents per KWHWorld’s Largest Solar Project Will Also Be Its Cheapest |

World’s Largest Solar Project Will Also Be Its CheapestA consortium comprising EDF and JinkoSolar emerges as the leading bidder in Abu Dhabi’s latest solar tender.

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Earth Day Wednesday, April 22 – (1970 – 2020) 50th Anniversary!

50 years later, Earth Day still resonates.  April 12, 2020.   Posting by Herb Wilson

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