ACTION: Sunday, 9/20 Demands to Newsom

From Matt Leonard at

A diverse set of Bay Area and Sacramento groups is planning a direct action in Sacramento this coming Sunday, 9/20 at Noon, in response to the current wildfire crisis ravaging our communities.

Over the past month, one thing has become crystal clear: we need to apply pressure on Governor Newsom to back up his Twitter outrage by taking swift, meaningful action in response to the current climate-fueled wildfire disaster. Our demands are as follows:

    1. STOP new fossil fuel projects. DROP existing production. ROLL out setback limits from schools, childcare facilities, residences, and healthcare centers. #keepitintheground
    2. Grant mass clemency to people currently incarcerated during the twin crises of wildfires and COVID-19. #freethemall

The top line messaging for the action is going to be, “We’re out of Time! Newsom, do your part for Climate & Racial Justice.” Actions that day will include: a banner drop, street murals, a blockade, and programming with speakers from various groups who have been hit worst by the wildfires.

OUR ASK: Will you share this urgent call to members of your group or network? RSVP HERE to confirm your participation and take on a role that fits your comfort level.

The action planning committee consists of the following working groups: Tactics, Outreach, and Logistics – please let us know if you are interested in joining one or multiple!  Given the short time frame much is already in motion, but we do need people to take on various support roles.

Newsom likes to tout California as a climate leader. With the expansion of fracking and staffing his administration with oil and gas industry reps, we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Will you stand with us on Sunday?

In solidarity, wishing you peace & health in these turbulent times,
Matt Leonard

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