Report from Community Forum

Mayor Darrell Steinberg provided the opening remarks at the forum, calling carbon zero an “audacious goal” that now “feels like an imperative and a necessity.”

Saturday’s Community Forum, Leading the Way to Carbon Zero, was a great success. Speakers were inspiring and participants provided thoughtful creative ideas for moving toward carbon zero.

This forum was just the beginning of our efforts to cut emissions in the Sacramento region. You can review the Focus Group Notes. We will soon be scheduling follow-up meetings to continue the work we began. In addition, 350 Sacramento will continue to hold educational events, work with decisionmakers, develop partnerships, and look for ways to move forward rapidly on the journey to carbon zero.

Alex Steffen gave the keynote address. Alex is author of Worldchanging 2.0 and Carbon Zero: Imagining Cities That Can Save the Planet.

This long-term project will require ingenuity, creativity, vision, knowledge, and skills. It will take community engagement on a huge scale to envision what the Sacramento region can be and find ways to implement that vision. Please join us in this exciting project!

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