Sac County CAP Update

On March 8, Sacramento County released a public draft of its CAP for 30-day public review.  We have completed an initial review and it ain’t pretty.  This draft has the same problems we commented on in previous versions.  In a nutshell, the draft:

  • Does not reflect the County’s Climate Emergency Declaration
  • Does not consider County land use policies that facilitate “leapfrog” development
  • Does not commit to keeping carbon-offset money local
  • Does not present specific and enforceable mitigation measures as CEQA requires
  • Does not provide robust public involvement in the CAP’s development
  • Continues to assume SMUD will meet its 2030 carbon-zero goal
  • Does not provide a credible Implementation Plan.

Look here for a summary of each of these deficiencies and what’s needed to fix them.

We’ll organize a letter campaign before the end of the comment period – let the County know you want REAL climate action.

350 Comment on County General Plan Report

On March 24 we’re taking advantage of the annual GP report to Supervisors to address them re:

  • The need for infill development
  • The County’s pattern of climate-busting sprawl development
  • The need for more public outreach re the CAP.

See our March 23 letter to the Supervisors.

Written by Oscar B.

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