One Week Left: Contribute to our Sustaining Donor Drive

A testimonial from one of our monthly sustaining donors:

“The power of the money we invest in 350 Sacramento is amplified many times by the people power of the organization. It’ll take the 350 Sacramento fighting spirit in alliance with racial justice movements, the labor movement, and others to defeat greedy oil executives and save life on our beautiful planet.”

By Paul Trudeau and Megan Elsea

From all of us here at 350 Sacramento, THANK YOU for your past support. We greatly appreciate it.

The need for climate solutions is urgent. We are working at all levels of our local government to accelerate the transition to a clean and sustainable future. Join us, now, to learn how to make the change we need in our region, and how to get involved once again in doing your part for the future of our community and this planet – right here in Sacramento.

Our First Sustaining Donor Drive began on Wednesday September 1, 2021.

Please join us in an effort to reach 20 new monthly sustaining donors by the end of this campaign! Take action NOW and become an integral part of 350 Sacramento.

Climate change is the biggest and most terrifying challenge facing humankind and other species. It threatens everything we love, including our very existence. It is an overwhelming problem that requires changing the way we do almost everything: our economic system, our agricultural system, our way of life, our priorities. Click here to read more about what you’ve helped us achieve..


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