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You’ve heard it before – climate change is the largest threat facing the only planet we have to call home. There are many ways to combat climate change and we’re doing what we can – locally here in Sacramento. We are building a movement by raising awareness, empowering and educating, training the youth, advocating for equitable solutions, and mobilizing the community and decision-makers to act urgently. The work we are doing is not only critical, but primarily volunteer-based. That’s why we need your support as a Monthly Sustainer. This will keep us working towards our shared goal of a brighter, better future.

There is no doubt that the climate crisis is upon us, and accelerating faster than scientists predicted. It is also clear that climate change is just one of a number of intersecting crises that must be addressed in a systemic way. These include biodiversity loss, injustice & inequality, ocean acidification, water availability, food security, plastics pollution, and so much more.

350 Sacramento’s all-of-the-above strategy includes advocacy, outreach, direct action, and education. Join us today and help us make a bigger impact!

Please join us in an effort to reach 20 new monthly sustaining donors by the end of this campaign! Take action NOW and become an integral part of 350 Sacramento. 

  • First 5 monthly sustainers of $10 or more, are eligible to receive a bike plate (while supplies last).
  • First 14 monthly sustainers of $20 or more, are eligible to receive a live plant (while supplies last).
  • First 8 monthly sustainers of $30 or more, are eligible to receive a 350 Sacramento mask (while supplies last).
  • One monthly sustainer of $50 or more, will get a 2-day pass for Sacramento Pipeworks Climbing and Fitness.
  • One monthly sustainer of $100 or more per month, will get a Capitol Floats gift certificate (valued at $125).

 Our Major accomplishments include:

  • We led the effort to pressure our local publicly owned utility, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), the region’s largest single source of greenhouse gases (GHG), to reduce their emissions.
  • In April 2021, SMUD adopted a Carbon Neutral by 2030 plan, the most ambitious emission reduction plan of any large utility in the nation.
  • After years of engagement, the Sacramento City Council passed a New Building Electrification Ordinance in June 2021. We continue to engage with the City to urge speedy implementation and the next phase: retrofitting existing buildings.
  • We helped secure Climate Emergency Declarations from the City of Sacramento, the County, and SMUD.
  • 350 Sacramento was the sole environmental organization with a seat on the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change. Dozens of our members were engaged with the Commission, including participating in Technical Advisory Committees, making public comments, and meetings with decision-makers and experts. The Commission developed a strong set of recommendations; 350 Sacramento is currently working to get these recommendations implemented quickly.
  • We were part of a regional coalition that stopped oil refinery expansions that would have brought 5–7 100-car trains per day filled with toxic tar sands and explosive Bakken crude through our region. Both proposals (Benicia and San Luis Obispo) were defeated.
  • We have trained and engaged hundreds of young people through our 2019 Youth Camp for Climate Action, Climate Cafe, two cohorts of Student Environmental Activist Training, along with organizing Student Climate Change Summits for the Climate Commission, and helping cultivate Sunrise Movement Sacramento.
  • We have organized 4 Town Hall/Community Forums, all-day events that invigorated the climate conversation and created initiatives like ReSoil Sacramento community composting. Our most recent Forum, on April 13, 2019, focused on speeding up the just transition to Carbon Zero, which catalyzed the formation of the Mayors’ Climate Commission.
  • The former president, current president, and first staff person have all earned the Environmentalist of the Year Award in 2014, 2019, and 2021, respectively, from the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS).

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