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The Climate Report is a weekly Sacramento-based radio show hosted by Dale Steele, featuring music, interviews, commentary, and more. You can listen in every Wednesday at noon at KUBU 96.5 FM or online at In case you missed it, here are archived recordings of several previous shows – simply click the links to download the mp3 files.

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Topics: Today we listen to part of the recent Future Food Panel event that was part of Three Fifty Sacramento’s month long 10 year anniversary celebration. An expert panel covered native food systems, regenerative agriculture, carbon and urban farming, store strategies, plastic issues and composting.

Music: “Build a New World” by Katie Costello and “Au Dui” by Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder

Aired 11/18/20

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Topics: Mary DeMocker, author of “The Parent’s Guide to Climate Revolution: 100 ways to build a fossil-free future, raise empowered kids, and still get a good night’s sleep”, spoke recently at one of the month long events celebrating 350Sacramento’s 10th anniversary.  I’ll share a summary of her presentation.

Music: Let’s slow down a little while and celebrate with some “Green Tea Ice Cream” by Linda Diaz as heard on Tiny Concerts and available on YouTube.

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Topics: I’ll share a summary of the recent Slow Streets Panel event today. I strongly suggest you visit the website for links to the full video recordings of all recent events and complete the Slow Streets survey on I’m going to replay last week’s Climate Report with SMUD’s brand new CEO/GM who shared his vision for the way forward in this climate emergency today at 12:30PM instead of my Making Tracks show.

Music:  I’ve squeezed in more from the local creative talent at the 5th annual Ode To Earth. We’ll hear  “12 Eggs” by Wes and Stephen,”Dry Land” by Amy and  “Planting Seeds” by Yesaha

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Topics: Paul Lao, new SMUD CEO/GM discusses his new job and the climate emergency.

Music: Music and poetry from 5th annual Ode to Earth

Aired 10/21/20

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Topics: 350Sac 10th Anniversary with Bill McKibben. 350Sacramento kicked things off in a major way for the month long celebration of its 10th anniversary with climate hero Bill McKibben last Saturday. I’ve got a summary of Bill’s excellent talk today but you should listen to the whole program and check-out remaining events.

Music: “Gasoline, Gasoline”,  “I Need Air, to breath”, Bernadette La Hengst, “There May Be Hope” The Road Sodas

Aired 10/14/20

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Topics: Background story on 350Sac, Sacramento County is finally moving forward with a Climate Action Plan,Terry Tempest Williams “Obituary for the Land”, Kim Stanley Robinson “We Made This Heat”.

Music: “There May Be Hope” The Road Sodas, “Electric City” SpaceWalker,  “How Dare You” Greta Thunberg,  “Small Sweet Steps” Zo Tobi

Aired 10/7/20

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Topics: Replay part 1 of Show 223 (part 2 played on Making Tracks Show 228

Music: “I Woke Up” Autumn Sky Hall, “Small Sweet Step” Zo Tobi”

Trouble” Rupa and the Fishes,”Fight for You” Raye Zargoza

Aired 9/30/20

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Topics: Show 226 replayed by Station instead of remix of two part Show 223 as planned.

Aired 9/23/20

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Topics: People’s Budget of Sacramento Virtual Press Conference summary.

Music: Albedo is a measure of the planet’s reflectivity, which, sadly, is decreasing, as white Arctic ice melts to blue seawater. Why? The band Al Bedo and the Reflectors has the answer  “Too Much Oil.”

“Change this Thing” Alex Smith

“I Need Air” to breath Bernadette La Hengst

“Changing with the Climate” Something like Seduction

Aired 9/16/20

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All Music Show. 2020 has been a year like few others and it’s not close to being over. It can be overwhelming at times so today let’s see if music can help us recognize what we’re feeling and why.


  • “Fragile”, by local musician Tommie Phoenix, By Your Side In Solidarity With Black Lives album
  • “Summers End”, John Prine who died earlier this year from Covid-19
  • “Goodnight America”, Miko Marks
  • “I Woke Up”, Autumn Sky Hall
  • “Trouble”, Rupa and the April Fishes
  • “Hold on, Change is coming” Howard University Choir

Aired 9/9/20

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Topics: The Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change final report went before the Sacramento City Council last week with critical recommendations needing immediate implementation. The council passed the report including all recommendations and even added a few.

Music: We start the show with local Ode to Earth MC/Performer, SpaceWalker on a wild ride to “Electric City”.  We’ll end the program with a serving “Green Tea Ice Cream” by  Linda Diaz to relax and celebrate a great accomplishment and get ready for much more to come. Well done!

Aired 9/2/20

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Topics: Today we focus on Env Justice and Equity in Sacramento. A recent forum had a panel of local community organizers who discussed equity and environmental justice considerations and activities. There is much to listen and learn from and I’m going to continue the discussion on my Making Tracks show that follows immediately afterwards. (2 parts, second on Making Tracks with nature focus)

Music: “I Woke Up” Autumn Sky Hall, “Small Sweet Step” Zo Tobi

Aired 8/26/20

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Topics:  Reworked Show 220 Sac Metro Air District “Heat Island” study and solutions.

Music: “I Need Air” Bernadette La Hengst, “Summer All Over” Blake Mills “Shadows” by Sandel

Aired 8/19/20

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Topics: Wavement youth movement group in Sacramento shares the story of their Marshall Islands displacement due to climate change. Meanwhile we know the 20 companies that have contributed the most to climate change impacts. Finally, a look at a better way forward with Doughnut Economics and Kate Raworth.

Music: “Right here, Right now” Greta Thurnberg & Fatboy Slim, “Fragile” Tommie Phoenix, “Gasoline, Gasoline” Sound Activism, “Goodnight America” Mico Marks

Aired 8/12/20

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Topics: The Sacramento Metro Air District recently presented “Turning Down the Heat in Sacramento”, why the heat island effect hits low income and people of color the hardest and simple measures that could greatly lower heat risks. I’ve got a summary of that discussion

Music: “I Need Air” Bernadette La Hengst, “Summer All Over” Blake Mills

Aired 8/05/20

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Topics: Replayed edited version of show 216 Electrify Sacramento

Aired 7/29/20

Download Show 218

Topics: SMUD Climate Emergency Resolution, SMUD energy sources, Standing Rock Solar, Doughnut Economics

Music: “Dreams to Be Born” Rebecca Foon, “Pathway to Paris” album 2020, “Walking on Sunshine” Katrina and the Waves 1985, “Power” Jon Hall and friends No Nukes Concert 1979

Aired 7/22/20

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Topics: Summary of last Mayors Commission on Climate Change and next steps.

Aired 7/15/20

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Topics: 350Sac recently hosted a panel webinar on electrification and why Sacramento would benefit. Nearly 100 people participated. I’ve got excerpts from one of the speakers Panama Bartolomy.

Music: “Push” and “Change this thing” by Alex Smith from EcoShock

Aired 7/1/20

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Topics: Laurie Update on Final Mayors Climate Commission Meeting 6/29

Music: “Summer All Over” by Blake Mills

Aired (Didn’t play due to station error, 214 replayed) circulated via BaseCamp

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Topics: Kim Stanley Robinson Virtual Event

Music: “I Need Air” and Let’s go down to the river with Julian Cunningham/Ideateam to find our “Roots” from the new “By Your Side (In Solidarity With Black Lives) album

Aired 6/17/20 & 6/24/20

Download Show 213

Topics: 350 Sacramento’s solidarity statement, local black lives resources, Kim Stanley “Coronavirus is Rewriting our Imaginations” special online event, dangers of tear gas use in a pandemic

Music: “Fragile” by Tommie Phoenix and “Fear (Interlude)” by Deshawn Visionz from”By Your Side (In Solidarity With Black Lives) This new album by a collective of local musicians is available on Bandcamp to benefit community organizers and protesters.

Aired 6/10/20

Download Show 212

Topics: Dedication to George Floyd, updated summary Mayors Commission on Climate Change

Music: “Goodnight America” Mico Marks, “I’m A Young Black Man” 12 yr old Keedron Bryant

Aired 6/3/20

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Topics: Edited repeat of Show 207 Katie Valenzuela interview

Music: Various songs from Rebecca Foon’s new album “Waxing Moon”

Aired 5/27/20

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Topics: The Mayors of Sacramento and West Sacramento formed a high level commission to provide recommendations to get the cities to carbon zero by 2045. We know that is too late and Sacramento recently passed a declaration of climate emergency so we must get rid of as much GHG as possible by 2030. The pandemic has increased and reinforced this urgency to prepare and recover.

The commission has nearly finished a critical draft report including pandemic impact considerations but there is still time to provide comments and keep it strong. We’ll hear an update on the commission meeting last week.

Music: Songs from Waxing Moon played in the background Rebecca Foon

Aired 5/20/20

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Topics: 350Sac recently hosted behavioral scientist Susan Schneider who presented “Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis, the Behavioral Challenge” We’ll hear the first half of that webinar today.

Music: “Gasoline, gasoline”, “Wishful Thinking” Rupa and April Fishes

Aired 5/13/20

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Topics: On today’s program I’ve got part of an Earth Day interview with Sac. Co. Sup Don Nottoli and their long delayed Climate Action Plan. In the second half, I’m sharing new information from SMUD explaining why we should go all electric, but listen closely as SMUD continues to produce almost half its power from natural gas and creative students explain why electric vehicles are a good decision. We’ll end the program with Tomfoolery’s amazing 2020 hindsight “The Great Realisation”.

Music: “Shadows” Sandel and “Trouble” Rupa and the April Fishes

Aired 5/6/20

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Topics: On today’s program I have an interview with citycouncil member elect Katy Valenzuela from our 2020 Earth Day Sacramento online event

Music: Various songs from Rebecca Foon’s new album “Waxing Moon”

Aired 4/28/20

Download Show 205/206

Topics: “Air Pollution Worsens Covid-19, Dr. Aaron Bernstein of Harvard’s Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment, speaks about the link between air pollution and severe cases of COVID-19 “Living on Earth”) Years of exposure to high air pollution levels worsens coronavirus impacts. “A Rare Glimpse at Lives Saved, Zac & Jesse EV experts “Now You Know” , A sliver lining from quarantines and what it means for our renewable energy future, Now You Know”.


  • “A Little Soon To Say” Jackson Browne (I want to think it’s going to be alright…)
  • “Summer’s End” John Prine (thanks John, you’ve gone home now)

Aired 4/1/20 & 4/22/20 (Show 206)

Download Show 204

Topics: “Heated” podcast interviews with Bill McKibben and Kate Aronoff on preparing for future crises including climate change

Music: Background songs from the new Waxing Moon album by Rebecca Foon

Aired 4/8/20

Download Show 203

Topics: Tales of Two Crises, ClimateCast interview, Democracy Now interview Naomi Klein

Music: Rupa and the April Fishes (“Trouble”, “Wishful Thinking”, “Never Walk Alone” Gerry and the Pacemakers

Aired 4/1/20

Download Show 202

Topics: Tale of Two Crises, ClimateCast interview, Democracy Now interview Naomi Klein ( most of show didn’t play due to station error)

Music: Rupa and the April Fishes (“Trouble”, “Wishful Thinking”, “Never Walk Alone” Gerry and the Pacemakers

Aired 3/25/20

Download Show 201

Topics: Carbon labeling, cities ban new natural gas hookups, can the grid handle going all EV?

Music: “Legacies” Jesse Paris Smith, “Dreams to Be Born” Rebecca Foon, “Pathway to Paris”, “Never Walk Alone” Gerry and the Pacemakers

Aired 3/18/20

Download Show 200

Topics: Repeat edited version Show 198 Future Transportation Funding & Climate Change

Music: see last week

Aired: 3/11/20

Download Show 199

Topics: Climate and infectious diseases, what’s the connection?

Music: “Trouble” by Rupa and the April Fishes “Erosion” and “Destruction” Baba Brinkman,

Aired: 3/4/20

Music: “Traffic Jam” by James Taylor, “Time brings change” by Jahari Sai, “Change this thing” by Alex Smith. Aired 5/11/16 12:00 PM

Older Shows

Download Show 198: Today’s program will focus on a very important decision coming regarding the future of transportation in Sacramento County. The current proposal by local government is inadequate and fails to address future issues including climate change by adequately funding an efficient transit system.

350Sac is a member of the SacMOVES coalition and has been for some time. 350Sac has commented in support of the SacMOVES/SMART proposal at STA meetings and elsewhere. This proposal is much better than the “business as usual” proposal developed by STA staff. Neither proposal is aggressive enough for the climate emergency we all face. 350Sac members should continue to speak out for the need for more aggressive support for transit and active transportation instead of more roads, more capacity for single occupant dominated vehicles and ICE vehicles in general. The STA is currently planning to make a final decision on a new transportation expenditure plan and Measure at their March 2020 meeting. The public should continue to provide input and call for much more support for funding an efficient transit system for Sacramento County. Planning for the future while looking to the past for solutions will not work!


Music: “traffic jam”, “fossil fuel kid”, “gasoline, gasoline”

Aired: 2/26/20


Download Show 197: There are a number of important meetings and events coming up soon including SMUD requesting an exemption from the new SolarShares program, Sacramento Transportation Authority trying to drive us away from transit for the next 40 years, open mic for youth, movie night and more. Why no climate progress? Energy resilience in Puerto Rico and more ClimateCast


Music: “How Dare You” mash up, “I Need Air” Bernadette La Hengst, and “My Vote Don’t Count” by YelloPain who knows our votes count.

Aired: 2/18/20


Download Show 196: Repeat of Show 191 interviewing Laurie about 350Sac work in 2019 and 2020.

Aired 2/12/20


Download Show 193: On the show today, who are the roughly 200 people that have a huge amount of power to take climate action with clean renewable energy? Find out today. Also, listen to the Years Project definition of a “Green New Deal” from a climate action perspective. In the second half of the show, we’ll hear an in-depth look at the fires in Australia and the increased risk from climate change, a lack of action by government and media mis-information. We’ll end the show with George Monbiot’s call to overthrow capitalism and protect our climate.


Music: Greta “Right Here, right now” remix, “Change this thing” Alex Smith, “Like the Dawn” The Oh Hellos


Aired 1/22/20


Download Show 192: Interview with Laurie looking back at 350Sac activities in 2019 as well as looking ahead in 2020. I’ve also got a new Greenland ice melt report and sea level rise implications. Greta will share the math on our remaining carbon budget. 


Music: Use from Show 190 unless something new or recommended.

“Everyday Life” by Coldplay, “Fossil Fuel Kid” by Hayride Casualties and “What a Wonderful World” Herb Albert style”


Aired 1/15/20


Download Show 189: Hello Sacramento! It’s time again for the Climate Report. It’s been officially declared now in Sacramento and as of 12/10/19, like the rest of the world, we are in a climate emergency. Now the real work begins to reduce our carbon budget to get to zero as fast as possible. Volunteering with 350Sacramento is a great way to help. A couple of great ways to contribute are to participate in the Mayors’ Climate Commission and the Sacramento Transportation Authority is now considering a sales tax measure to fund transit/transportation for the next 40 years which will have a huge role on our carbon budget. There is much more you can do too so check out the website.

The UN COP25 climate conference has just ended with disappointing results. That just makes our work more important to continue and expand.

Meanwhile, it’s also the holiday season and time for good music to put us in the mood for both. There are lots of songs to do just that and I’m not talking about the classics. A lot of new, climate change, holiday songs have come out in the last few years and I’ve even got a country music climate tune so get ready to sing along. Music is an important way to communicate and the message couldn’t be more important now!

Music: “Climate Crisis Xmas Carol” Jennifer Leitham, “All I want is truth for Xmas” Myna Birds, “Climate Change Christmas” The Dead End Streets, “Climate Change” Cooper Alan, (country music!), “Manhattan in January” Jill Solbe, “Global Warming Christmas” Sherwin Linton, “Climate Change Christmas” Drew Jacobs, “Global Warming Stole Christmas” Phillyblunts, “Shadows” Sandel

(Aired 12/18/2019)

Download Show 187/188: Hello Sacramento! It’s time again for the Climate Report. All Hands On Deck! On 12/10 the Sacramento City Council will finally consider a Climate Emergency Declaration. I don’t know the outcome of that vote but by the time this show plays, the real work begins to find ways to implement real climate action that can make a different and move us forward rapidly to get to Carbon Zero. We’ll hear 350SacYouth Climate Striking at the State Capital on “Black Friday”, another bleak climate report from the UN and call to stop the war on nature as COP25 is now underway. I’ve also got a recent KQED segment on “How Doomed Are We?”

Music: “Climate Crisis Xmas Carol” and ‘We Don’t Have Time”

(Aired 12/4/19 & 12/11/19)

Download Show 186: It’s Thanksgiving time and maybe that will finally bring rain back too. Just in case you are still feeling confused about the weather vs climate, Climate Elvis will set you straight today.

Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a diverse group of young climate justice activists working together to lift the voices of youth, especially youth of color and fight for a livable climate and equitable, sustainable and just world. That includes a local project to get the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) to divest over $6 billion in the fossil fuel industry.

Did you know that UN climate scientists that it is possible to slow or even stop climate change with $300 billion dollars long enough make a permanent difference?

Sacramento youth and adult allies will strike for climate justice on “Black Friday” 11/29 at the state capital at 11 AM. The Mayors’ Climate Commission will meet again on 12/2 (

Music: “Losing Louisiana” Tom Neilson and “Fossil Fuel Kid” Hayride Casualties. Coldplay has a new album “Everyday Life” but won’t be touring due to sustainability challenges and environmental impacts. We’ll hear some of the title track today (

(Aired 11/27/2019)

Download Show 185: Did you know that gas powered lawn mowers/blowers create huge amounts of pollution including GHG emissions as well as health issues from dust and particulates? This must change and the time has come as we’ll hear today. Also, the city has again delayed consideration of declaring a climate emergency. We’ll hear draft language again to remind us why this is an urgent need.

I also have a brief update on recent progress by the Mayors’ Climate Commission who unanimously approved revised and stronger Land Use Strategy language consistent with the regional Sustainable Communities Strategy at their most recent meeting. The Mayors’ Climate Commission also unanimously voted in favor of strong high level recommendations from the Mobility TAC. Previous meetings and materials are available online. The next meeting will be 12/2/19 with a focus on Community Health & Resiliency preliminary recommendations. Visit for details.

Music: “I need Air to Breath”, “Gasoline, Gasoline”, “Pollution Climatic Terra”

(Aired 11/20/2019)

Download Show 184: Hello Sacramento! It’s time again for the Climate Report. It’s also time for the Environmentalist of the Year Awards so listen up if you don’t have tickets for the event tonight. What does it mean that the Trump administration is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord? I’ve got an update today and why it is so important for cities and states to continue to lead the way on efforts to address climate change.. Sacramento, like many other cities, may be moving forward to declare a climate emergency and I’ve got draft language of what that resolution should look like.

Music: “Higher Ground” The Waifs

(Aired 11/13/2019)

Download Show 183: Today I shared a recent interview about climate anxiety, depression and despair by Ecosia. I’ve talked about the non-profit organization Ecosia before. They have a search tool for your computer and other digital devices that raises funds for effective tree planting projects and other activities that fight climate change. Visit for details.

We also revisited the local Language Academy school who have taken on a project to education parents, teachers and themselves about the harm from idling internal combustion engines.

 Music: Language Academy Students “No Idling Rap”

(Aired 11/06/2019)

Download Show 182: The connection between climate change and the mega-fires currently burning and continually threatening lives, health, homes, communities, wildlife, habitat and the environment is stronger than ever. Likewise is the need for resilience, reliable 100% renewable electricity delivered through micro-grids.

On today’s show we hear from the prestigious medical journal “The Lancet”‘s editor explaining why doctors are obliged to protest in light of the threat climate change to our health. We’ll also learn why the Northern California Yurok tribe is moving to designate the Klamath River to have status as a person. 

350 Sacramento’s own board member and climate activist Ilonka Zlatar has been selected by ECOS for the Environmentalist of the Year award being given in November. 

The Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change has produced strong recommendations for the built environment, land use and mobility with more to come regarding health, economy and more. Follow and participate in this work starting with visiting the website. I’ll have summaries of these efforts in future shows too.

Music:Herb Albert’s version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”(

Ed Sheeran, “I see fire”

(Aired 10/30/2019)

Download Show 181: Earlier this week approximately 100 very energetic and creative students met at the latest Youth Climate Summit. No details are available yet but we will hear from an earlier student climate summit at Sacramento State University today. Where does SMUD, our utility company get it’s energy? We’ll here more from them on that today. We’ll also hear some intriguing discussion about how to assess damage related to climate change today with mention of recent fires caused by PGE. There’s a great film coming to Sacramento this Saturday the 26th. “MotherLoad” is about the use of cargo bikes and the important role they play in addressing climate change and much much more. This award winning crowd sourced film is free but priceless and is shown to benefit local bicycle organizations.

Music: “Think I’ll go for a ride”

(Aired 10/23/2019)

Download Show 180: On todays show we’re going to hear from the Current Events class at the Language Academy here in Sacramento. They have started a project to look at current vehicle idling at their school and share information about the cost to public health, the environment and the economy from this wasteful and unnecessary practice. Go Jaguars!

We’re also going to hear from the CEO of a major utility company with a goal to cut carbon use by 80% by 2030 and what they will need to remove that last 20%. No, this isn’t our SMUD but the information and uncertainty directly apply here as does the need to push all utilities to be more aggressive getting to carbon zero 100% renewable energy use. 

Music: Fatboy Slim’s Live Remix Greta Thunberg & ‘Right Here, Right Now’ , New “Greta” song on upcoming “The 1975” album

(Aired 10/16/2019)

Download Show 178/179: Today I have updates on recent and ongoing youth led climate strikes and background about the strikes. Greta Thurnberg and George Monbiot have a simple but powerful message, “Nature Now”. We’ll end the show with an apocolyptic poem. “The Arc” about a possible future of our oceans…

Music: “Power” 1979 No Nukes album Muscians for Sustainable Energy, “Try the Greens” by John Dassieu (submitted to 350Sac)

(Aired 10/02/2019)

Download Show 177: Last Friday, youths all around the world took action by striking for the Climate. Today we’ll hear from local youths & the mayor of Sacramento at the Capital as well as Portland youth strike activities and young voices in other countries before ending the show with more Sacramento youth voices. Prepare to be impressed and motivated!

There are lots of ways you can get involved locally. Check the website for details on upcoming events, committee meetings and other ways you can get involved. While you are there follow the link to let your mayor and city council member know that we are in a climate emergency and Sacramento needs to declare this now and take aggressive action fast.

Music: “We don’t have time” Soundtrack

(Aired 9/25/2019)

Download Show 175 and 176: Our thoughts and support go to the people in the Bahamas and surrounding region. We are only beginning to hear the stories of those that have survived Dorian, one of the worst hurricanes known. What does the science tell us about these storm events and what to expect in the future? Listen up today. 

As climate change continues to disproportionately impact those with the least ability to avoid these impacts what is the connection between a healthy planet and healthy people? I’ve got an amazing presentation by an emergency doctor to bring perspective to that. 

Music: “Greta Quotes” song 15 yr old Athena Fain fasting on Fridays for climate change, ” Higher Ground” by The Waifs who recently performed in Sacramento

(Aired 9/18/2019)

Download Show 174: As this hot summer heads into its final month, there are lots of local events, meetings and other activities you can get involved with. “Cold Beer for a Hot Planet” was a great success last week, there may be an encore event so watch the website or better yet sign up for the newsletter there so you won’t miss anything and do get involved. We are in a climate crisis and need everyone’s help.

Today we are going to get a little wonky and learn about the importance of the electrical power grid including how dependent we are on it and how much more diversified and stable it needs to be. I’m sharing information from the Union of Concerned Scientists podcast “Got Science?” that has direct application with our local utilities. SMUD has natural gas fired power plants that contribute to it being the greatest carbon emitter in the region…

Music: N/A

(Aired 9/4/2019)

Download Show 173: Topics: Modified Show 170 with Cold Beer/Hot Planet info 


(Aired 8/21/2019)


Download Show 172: Topics: Show 169 was accidentally played by station instead of modified Show 170 with Cold Beer/Hot Planet info. 


(Aired 8/14/2019)


Download Show 171: The Climate Report is back this week with more information on why we don’t have time to wait to address climate change in this remarkable period we are in now. We are in a Climate Emergency now. We’ll hear from youths who are speaking out more than ever about why climate change will greatly affect their future and must be addressed now. 

There are lots of ways you can get involved locally. Check the website for details on upcoming events, committee meetings and other ways you can get involved. While you are there follow the link to let your mayor and city council member know that we are in a climate emergency and Sacramento needs to declare this now and take aggressive action fast.


Music: “Break Free” from fossil fuels, “Walking on Sunshine”, “Change this thing” and “We’re in this together”

(Aired 8/14/2019)

Download Show 170: The Climate Report is back and a hot and very busy August is underway. There are too many upcoming local climate activities to list now. The best way to find out about them is to sign up for the newsletter on the website. 350Sacramento will soon host another “Cold Beer for a Hot Planet” event so stay tuned for details. 

The Mayors Climate Commission met last week and this is a critical time to make your concerns known. The meeting discussed recommendations for the Mobility sector for the City of Sacramento and City of West Sacramento’s target of carbon zero by 2045. The next meeting will be scheduled soon and focus on final mobility and landuse recommendations. Visit for details and to share your comments. I’ve got some powerful comments made at a recent MCC meeting to help motivate you. I’ve also got comments from students the at the recent University Climate Change Summit about their vision of the future.


You can also tell your Sacramento city council representative and mayor that we need to declare a “Climate Emergency” and commit to accelerating our climate response program by 2030. Let your voice be heard by visiting “” where you can do just that!


I’ve also got information about the impact of climate change on beer and another reminder on why it is a very bad idea to idle your vehicle. 


Music: A couple of new tunes by musicians who have performed in Sacramento recently: “Higher Ground” Waifs, “Despite Repeated Warnings” Paul McCartney, “Greta’s song” The 1975

(Aired 8/07/2019)

Download Show 169: Mayors’ Climate Commission, Harrison Ford Speech, ARB Airport Shuttle, No-Idle, Clean Vehicles

Music: “Greta song The 1975”, “Dump the Trump Blues”, “Not Cool to Idle at School”

(Aired 7/31/2019)

Download Show 168: Vehicle Idle Reduction/Air Quality/Climate Change

Music: “Not Cool to Idle at School”, “Traffic Jam” James Taylor, “Traffic Jam” Weird Al Yankovic

(Aired 7/24/2019)

Download Show 167: Local Updates, Nation’s Clean Car Promise/Standard & Transportation Justice. 

Music: “Your Bright Baby Blues” Jackson Browne, “Traffic Jam” James Taylor, “MTA Bus Riding Song” Baltimore Transit Riders

(Aired 7/17/2019)

Download Show 166: Why be afraid, iMatter story, Forest restoration top climate change solution

Music: “If I Were a Tree” Forest City Lovers, “All Some Kind of Dream” Josh Ritter, “I Need Air” Bernadette La Hengst

(Aired 7/10/2019)

Download Show 154: About 200 hundred people attended the latest climate community forum, “Fast Track to Carbon Zero” last Saturday and Sac City College. Many said it was the best of the forums 350Sac has produced. State and local efforts were discussed as well as the urgency to do more, faster. Several panels offered transformative ideas for speeding up the just transition to Carbon Zero and reported on some of the most exciting climate activities happening in our community as well as the barriers that need to be overcome fast. We’ll hear some of what was covered at the forum on the show today.

Finally, there are strong connections between immigrants, migration and climate change. Listen to the following for more insight.

(Aired 4/17/2019)

Download Show 153: I’ve got exciting news to share. Next Saturday, April 13 ,350 Sacramento will host an exciting, inspiring Community Forum, Fast Track to Carbon Zero. The forum will focus on the URGENCY of climate action, learn about what is going on now in the Sacramento region, and explore how we can think and act in new ways to make progress at the scale required for the climate emergency we’re facing. 

There will be a fast-paced agenda, with *Assemblymember Kevin McCarty giving the opening remarks. Two stimulating panels, Big Ideas: The Here & Now and Thinking Bigger: Transforming Our Region, will look at current efforts and offer transformative ideas for speeding up the just transition to Carbon Zero. In addition, there will be background on the climate crisis, listening sessions, music, and much more. After lunch, participants can choose among six interactive breakout groups: Youth Action, Climate Emergency Declaration, Green New Deal, Community Vi$ion for Transportation, Moving Money Out of Fossil Fuels, and Communicating About Climate Change, to get involved in some of the most exciting climate activities happening in our community.

Don’t wait—sign up today so 350Sac can send you detailed information about the Forum, including the final agenda and transportation options to get there (did I mention that there will be Bike Valet Parking?) There are also several ride sharing and public transportation options.

Today on the Climate Report I’ve also got review segments on “Climate Disruption” and the need to “Declare a Climate Emergency” especially at local levels as well as a new segment on “How Nature Can Help Us Avoid a Climate Catastrophe”. That’s a lot to cover so we better get started!

Music: “Fossil Fuel Kid” Hayride Casualties, “We Don’t Have Time”, and “Here Comes the Sun”, Antonique Smith

(Aired 4/10/2019)

Download Show 152: Happy April! The Climate Report is back and no fooling, climate change is real and happening now! Today we’re going to catch up on some local big events happening this month.

Sign up today for the upcoming Forum on April 13 350 Sacramento will host their 4th Community Forum/Town Hall entitled Fast Track to Carbon Zero. The focus will be on the URGENCY of climate action, what is going on now in the Sacramento region, and how we can think transformatively to make progress at the scale required for the climate crisis. There will be speakers, panels, videos, and transformative ideas, followed with interactive breakout groups (including Youth Activism, Climate Emergency Declaration, Green New Deal, Transportation, Climate Finance) where you can get involved in speeding up the transition to a carbon zero community and world.

Film Night: “The Reluctant Radical” Film and Q& A. McClatchy Auditorium 3066 Freeport Blvd, 6 pm 4/4/19 Doors open at 6 film at 7 pm. (repeat Valve turners Show 47 segment) A movie by Lindsey Grayzel about Ken Ward one of the Valve Turners who like many can’t stop thinking about climate change and decided to take matters into his own hands with amazing results. You won’t want to miss this film and online discussion with the director and Ken Ward afterwards. You may recall that 350Sac hosted the Valve Turners in Sacramento and I’ll play a clip from that event today.

Music: “Keep Towing that Line”, Devil Makes 3, “The Shadows” Sandel, “Love in the Time of Coral Reefs” Ruth Mundy, and Gasoline, Gasoline by,

(Aired 4/3/2019)

Download Show 151: The Climate Report is back with important news about the “Mayors Climate Commission”, the “Climate Reality Project”, “We Can’t Wait” and the upcoming 350Sacramento Community Forum. First a reminder why we are here. The Earth is warming, severely disrupting sustainable conditions for life and society. This not something that is a distant possibility we can wait for future leaders and technology to fix. We Own This Problem And We Need To Solve It, Now! “We Don’t Have Time”, to wait.

The Mayors Climate Commission met for the second time last week was very well attended and included much new information including an update on what the city of Oakland is doing to become carbon neutral and draft recommendations by the Built Environmental technical advisory committee. After a long and detailed meeting many members of the public stayed to provide comments. You can do this too at the next meeting which will probably be in May or on the website ( where you can also review resources, meeting materials and recordings from past meetings. Meetings are held in the city of Sacramento city council chambers. 

The Climate Reality Project recently held a national 3 day training that had several thousand attendees and included local participants. Led by former vice president Al Gore and CEO/President Ken Berlin the CRP empowers people to become activists, equipped with tools, training and network to fight for solutions and planet-wide change. We’ll hear part of an interview from the national meeting. 

Finally, 350Sacramento will again how a community forum, “Fast Track to Carbon Zero” on April 13th at Sac City College. Time to register and support this important event. More on this in the show today.

Music: If we have time, I’ll play the new music video “We Don’t Have Time”, by the organization with the same name (, ?“I Need Air”

(Aired 3/27/2019)

Download Show 150: Around 1.5 million school and university students in 123 countries have gone on strike to demand that politicians take urgent action on climate change. The coordinated protests were organised on social media under the Fridays for Future banner and inspired by the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who is in her 30th week of striking on Fridays. 

“It’s our time to rise up. Think we should be at school? Today’s climate strike is the biggest lesson of all”.

The Mayor’s Climate Commission met for the second time this Monday. One of three technical advisory committees, Built Environment, has also met and submitted draft recommendations. Reports include a progress report by the Commission, Youth engagement, Carbon Zero working definition, Built Environment milestones/key strategies, Oakland pathways to deep carbon reductions. I’ll have an in depth report on a future program.

Finally, another senseless act of terrorist violence, this time in New Zealand, reminds us that we need true leadership and representation for all of us regardless of skin color, religion, or any other differences that make up the rich diversity of who we are, we also need a ban assault weapons now.

Music: “I Need Air”, *We Don’t Have Time, and “Changing with the Climate”, remember, if your world blows up, all we’ve got is love you know.

(Aired 3/20/2019)

Download Show 149: Today on the Climate Report, we’ll hear why teenage Greta Thunberg was just nominated as a leader on International Woman’s Day. Her original solo protest calling for leaders to radically prioritize climate change has had a huge ripple effect of youth protests in over 270 cities around the world. This Friday March 15th from noon to 2 PM a Sacramento youth protest strike for a Green New Deal and other necessary actions to solve the climate crisis will bring these demands to the west steps of the state capital. Listen to their concerns and support young people who have the most to lose from the increasing effects of climate change. 

A new book, “Trains, Buses, People”, is out that looks at transit efforts in all 47 major cities with rail/bus systems. I have a short summary from the book pointing out what is needed to make transit serve our needs and why it often falls short. 

Daniel Sperling from UCD and CARB recently gave expert testimony on California’s efforts and challenges at a congressional hearing on transportation funding. I’ve got a detailed summary his very important input later in the show.

*Music*: ”One Day” “Shu-Tez-Caht” Martinez, “Gasoline, Gasoline ”

(Aired 3/13/2019)

Download Show 148: The Climate Report is back this week with more on youth group climate activities. “Youth vs. Apocalypse” recently went viral with a Green New Deal discussion with Senator Diane Feinstein who was schooled by those young people. Also, “Our Children’s Trust continues to sue the federal government for endangering them by climate inaction. They had a took a moment to explain why on “60 Minutes” recently. Today’s show will also focus on youth group “iMatter” with part of a recent interview about some amazing activities by several young members.

Music: “I See Fire” Ed Sheeran and ”I Need Air” Bernadette La Hengst

(Aired 3/6/2019)

Download Show 147: A really important upward trend we’re seeing is a surge of new energy around climate action and a lot of that is coming from youth who have decided enough is enough and have organized to take action on climate. “Our Children’s Trust”, the “Sunrise Movement” and “iMatter” are examples of youth climate change advocacy groups and there is a need for more. Today’s show will focus on one of these groups, “iMatter”, with part of a recent interview. The complete interview will be archived on the 350Sacramento website and I urge you to listen to it. It gave me goosebumps and a feeling of awe! 350 Sacramento wants to support “YOUth” to become part of our local Climate Movement. 

Music: “I Need Air” Bernadette La Hengst written/performed specifically for COP24 Poland, “Darlo Todo” (Give it Everything) Marissa Mur

(Aired: 2/27/2019)

Download Show 146: This show is a remix of Show 142 with new information from the”Drilled” podcast about increasing fossil fuel production by the US. 16 year old Greta Thunberg gave another powerful speech recently. This time she was at the elite world leaders economic conference Davos. We’ll hear what she told the adults in the room today. Climate disruption is here, Greenhouse gases are rising again, we are in the midst of a Climate emergency, Youth climate work.

Music: A new song by The Killers, “The Land of the Free” & GarageBand Loops.

(Aired 2/13/2019)

Download Show 145: I’m currently traveling so we’re going to listen to a remix of an earlier show focusing on adaptation to climate change. Climate change also affects our health and wellbeing. A discussion on Trauma from a recent Capital Regional Climate Readiness meeting will also be included.

Music*: “Oh California” Colin Hay

(Aired 2/13/2019)

Download Show 144: Do you know what the #1 thing you can about climate change? Talk about it!! that’s right! The fossil fuel industry has misled people into thinking that climate change is a political issue and, therefore, impolite to discuss. It isn’t.

Equipment owned by California’s three largest utilities ignited more than 2,000 fires in three and a half years — a time span in which state regulators cited and fined the companies nine times for electrical safety violations after a string of unprecedented fires believed to be caused by power-line issues that have destroyed thousands of homes and killed dozens of people.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) could face up to $30 billion in liabilities from recent wildfires in California. Hotter conditions make for more wildfires, and that’s exactly what is happening in California and the western U.S.. Some analysts see PG&E — a Fortune 500 company — as the first major economic casualty of climate change. Research scholar Michael Wara, who focuses on climate and energy policy at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, joined Climate Cast to explain. We’re going to listen in on some of that conversation today.

Music: “I need to wake up” Melissa Etheridge, “Voices for climate change” by various African artists, and “Build a new world” by Katie Costello

(Aired 2/6/2019)

Download Show 143: Do you know what the #1 thing you can about climate change? Talk about it!! that’s right! The fossil fuel industry has misled people into thinking that climate change is a political issue and, therefore, impolite to discuss. It isn’t.

Equipment owned by California’s three largest utilities ignited more than 2,000 fires in three and a half years — a time span in which state regulators cited and fined the companies nine times for electrical safety violations after a string of unprecedented fires believed to be caused by power-line issues that have destroyed thousands of homes and killed dozens of people. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) could face up to $30 billion in liabilities from recent wildfires in California. Hotter conditions make for more wildfires, and that’s exactly what is happening in California and the western U.S.. Some analysts see PG&E — a Fortune 500 company — as the first major economic casualty of climate change. Research scholar Michael Wara, who focuses on climate and energy policy at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, joined Climate Cast to explain. We’re going to listen in on some of that conversation today.

Music: “I need to wake up” Melissa Etheridge, “Voices for climate change” by various African artists, and “Build a new world” by Katie Costello

(Aired 1/30/2019)

Download Show 142: You may think climate disruption is arriving sooner than we were told. You are right. Three power-house scientists have published a warning: “ Global warming will happen faster than we think .” They explain three emerging threats that combine to bring climate danger out of the year 2100, and right into the next decade.

Today, we’ll hear part of a recent interview on EcoShock about that new article in the prestigious journal Nature in December, David Victor is co-author and a professor at the University of California San Diego. I also encourage you to listen to the entire EcoShock interview which also has links to the references. 

We’re also going to hear about efforts to get Sacramento to join other cities in declaring a climate emergency, that GHG emissions are rising and impressive work and statements by young climate activists. 

Music:A new song by The Killers, “The Land of the Free” Solar Energy Song from 1983

(Aired 1/23/2019)

Download Show 141: What is Sacramento’s transportation future going to look like? Suburban sprawl has created a road system choked with commuters and our largest GHG contribution comes from transportation. We recently heard about the effort of 350Sacramento’s Transportation team which is working with others to improve transit funding and programs here. This is a critical piece of the solution to the mobility needs of people here. Past land use development decisions sprawling result means in retrofitting transit to work for everyone will be a challenge but many improvements and innovations are being planned. Meanwhile, what about other modes of travel? Sacramento has embraced bike sharing in a big way with JUMP bikes and soon will have a similar car-sharing program using 260 EV Chevy Bolts. How can new systems like this best fit in to solving equitable mobility for all? What problems might they contribute to if poorly implemented? I’m going to revisit a previous program that interviewed UCD transportation expert Daniel Sperling to speak to that. The podcast version of this episode posted on will include more details about new car-sharing programs in Sacramento, a longer interview with Dr. Sperling as well as more music.

Music: a little traffic jam and bus riding music of course.

(Aired 1/16/2019)

Download Show 140: Happy New Year! What a year it will be filled with hope, courage and many climate actions too. There’s something very exciting brewing and 350 Sacramento is part of it! Let’s make 2019 the year of climate action, the year we begin to turn this crisis around.

Today we are going to get a little taste of the Hip Hop Caucus’s award winning “Think 100%” the coolest show on climate change and learn about the energetic “Sunrise Movement” who are working to get the massive fossil fuel contributions out of the political process and endorsing the Green New Deal as a way forward for environmental justice and climate change. 350 Sacramento hopes to partner with a local Sunrise Movement hub and creative an effective way of youth engaging on climate and environmental justice issues.

Music: “All I Want” Mynabirds, “Here Comes the Sun” Antonique Smith

(Aired 1/2/2019)

Download Show 139: I recorded this show on Xmas eve and it will be aired as the last Climate Report for 2018. We’ll look back today at several segments from earlier this month including an update on the newly formed and now kicked off Mayors Climate Commission, why this is a time for courage, not hope, and a very real fairy tale about “Slaying the Climate Dragon”. As we enjoy a much deserved break with family and friends over the holidays, let’s remember why it is important, critical really, that we do all that we can in the year ahead and beyond to make sure our fragile blue planet is livable for all and especially those we love and wish a bright future.

Music: “Storm of Light”, Hayride Casualties. “I Feel Fire” Ed Sheeran. “Slaying the Climate Dragon” story by Kate Marvel

(Aired 12/26/2018)

Download Show 137: Transportation is changing rapidly. Just look around at the various forms of vehicle and ride sharing, electric cars and transit, and many more new options becoming available. Transportation is also the largest contributor of GHG emission here. One of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions quickly is to cut down on ICE trips but what will it take to get us out of those fossil fuel burners? What will our transportation future look like and how can we shape it to improve our health and mobility, and see that fair and equitable solutions are available for all? Today we’ll hear from Glenda Marsh one of the 350Sac Transportation team leaders working with others on many transportation planning decisions and the urgent need and opportunity to help shape transportation for a better future.

I’ve also got a special story about a magical kingdom, elixirs and dragons and how it relates to solving our current crisis at the end of the program. You don’t want to miss it!

Music: How about a little traffic jam/bus riding music?, If you hear some Dragon music later you’ll know why.

(Aired: 12/12/18)

Download Show 136: The Climate Report is back and today we have information on the recent kickoff of the Mayors Climate Commission. This is a major development and critical for our region and beyond. There have also been a number of new climate reports at state, national and global levels and we will only have time to mention them but you are encouraged to look closer as they are finally getting more attention as they should. Thousands of pages of important science further documenting that Climate change is real, it’s here now and we know what to do but need to get everybody involved. This next decade is critical as more of us are figuring out. Locally there are also many new meetings and events you can participate in and I’ll go over the ones coming soon. I’ve also got a short piece on science denial from the new Drilled podcast and another on climate depression from Yes! magazine continuing a multi-media program!

Music: “Don’t hear nothin” Bodhi Bill Miller, and “Storm of Light” Fossil Fuel Kid”

(Aired: 12/05/18)

Download Show 134: New times call for new measures. In these times as we head into new climate conditions on Earth different from those anyone has lived in before we need a call for courage, not hope now. We’ll hear more on that today from a climate scientist. It’s also time to call for the declaration of a climate emergency as others have done including the cities of Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond. More on that today too. How about a way to move forward? Today, I’ll introduce the Green New Deal as just that and how you can learn more and help secure it.

Music: “Gasoline, Gasoline” , Alex Smith EcoShock songs

(Aired: 11/21/18)

Download Show 133: Wildfires and the damage and health risks they can cause are on everyone’s mind these days with fires burning throughout the state. Forests and rangelands cover over 80 percent of the state’s 100 million acres. Climate change will affect tree survival and growth, reduce the lands’ productivity, change the habitat and make forests more vulnerable to wildfires with increasing temperatures. The state has various adaptation plans in place for the forest sector and rangelands. Forests also provide important opportunities for sequestering carbon dioxide and keeping it from being released into the atmosphere. I also play a clip from Monday’s NYTimes “Daily” podcast report speaking to the Trump claim of state forest mismanagement and threat of withholding future fire disaster payments.

How’s Sacramento doing with bike sharing?

Music: New Bodhi Bill Miller Song “Don’t Hear Nothin’”

(Aired: 11/14/18)

Download Show 132: Today we revisit SMUDs recent disappointing decision regarding their strategy to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ll also have an update on the landmark lawsuit, Juliana v US including a very recent decision by the Supreme Court that will allow the case to be heard in court. 

Note: This show was recorded before the election. 

(Aired: 11/07/18)

Download Show 131: Happy Halloween but sad condolences to all of us who continue to be hurt by senseless acts of violence! These are certainly scary times we live in, especially if we are young or have children. We need to live our lives fully without fear and look out for each other.

Today we will learn more about “Our Children’s Trust” lawsuit against the federal government for not addressing climate change. A recent Ted Talk by one of the young plaintiffs, 18 yr old Aji Piper, explains why the the lawsuit is important and offers much hope. 

Music: today we’ll hear a couple of new songs from the new album, “Break Free” by one of these young people, “Shu-Tez-Caht” Martinez, “Light”, “One Day” and “Broken” if there’s enough time.

(Aired: 10/31/18)

Download Show 130: On the Climate Report today we’re going to get a brief update from Laurie Litman on SMUD’s recent IRP decision setting a goal to reduce their carbon footprint and why they must do better.

Laurie is also going to tell us about a very important upcoming event as part of a much bigger effort to support a landmark lawsuit, “Our Children’s Trust”. Later in the show we’ll hear more about this from some of the young people directly involved in the legal action against the US Government. 

Music: today we’ll hear a couple of new songs from the new album, “Break Free” by one of these young people, “Shu-Tez-Caht” Martinez, “Light”, “One Day” and “Broken” if there’s enough time.

(Aired: 10/24/18)

Download Show 129: We have an opportunity to urge SMUD to set a new course to aggressively reduce their carbon footprint. They are expected to select an alternative at their board meeting on Oct. 18th, unfortunately at 9 am. Staff are recommending a lesser, “business as usual” alternative but 350Sac continues to press for SMUD to help lead the way to becoming carbon free. Attend the meeting or send them your comments ASAP.

Remember the Valve-turners? They came to Sacramento a while back to share their amazing story of safely shutting down 15% of the tar sand crude oil coming into the US. We’ll hear about a recent court decision that has freed those that weren’t tried earlier. The valve-turners will also be one of the feature films in the Wild and Scenic Film Festival which is back on tour in Sacramento on Oct. 20th at Sierra 2 Also a brief preview of the powerful new IPPC climate report from the UN with more to come on a future show.

Music: “Gasoline, Gasoline (the whole world is aflame)”, Coltura with a big support cast, Patti Casey reminds us we are “Stronger Than That”, a solution to our dirty carbon energy problems from back in 1983 (“Solar Energy Song” Kim Wallach), and finally, Willie Nelson offers a solution to politicians in the pockets of big oil special interests with(“Vote Em Out!”).

(Aired: 10/17/18)

Download Show 128: On the Climate Report today we are going to discuss a decision making process SMUD is following to set goals for the size and rate of change of its carbon footprint. 350Sacramento is very involved in this process and continues to push SMUD to be more aggressive and rapidly move to carbon zero. We’ll hear some public comments on this too.

Music:“Change this thing”and “Push” by Alex Smith and EcoShock.

(Aired: 10/10/18)

Download Show 127: As always these days, there is so much going on related to climate change. We’re going to hold that thought this week though but you can still keep up by checking the website and newsletter for the latest actions, upcoming events and opportunities to participate. Instead today, let’s put our hands together and raise our voices. Music is empowering and musicians have a unique way of inspiring and motivating us move forward. The first half of today’s show features songs from the “Rise for Climate Change Songbook” that played a big role in the amazing march in San Francisco last month. The 2nd half of the show includes a new climate change song on SoundCloud by AppleJaxx, Clan Dyken’s redition of “I’m a Patriot” as they performed at the local “Rise for Climate” event and we’ll end the show with the Howard University Choir and “Hold on, Change is coming”. Before I forget, 350Sacramento is starting up a “Climate Chorus” which just met recently. Check back soon for more information!

Music: “Voice of my granddaughter”, “Rise like Flowers”, “Rise for Creation”, “We are the Protectors”, “Paint our Future” and “Calling all Warriors” (Peace Poets and Thrive Choir), “Climate Change” AppleJaxx, “I’m a patriot” Clan Dyken and “Hold On” Howard University Choir.

(Aired: 10/03/18)

Download Show 126: I hope you were able to attend the “Ode to the Earth” event last Saturday night. The Guild Theater was packed and everyone enjoyed rich and diverse performances by many local talented artists. We’ll hear one of them later in the show. Today, more highlights from GCAS2018, and update on the local Sacramento Climate Commission and the pending SMUD carbon reduction plan decision Calif 4th Climate Change Assessment, local Environmental Justice Alley workshops and Renaissance Society Climate Change Course are also covered.

Music: (local bands) “Optimistically” Occupy the Trees “I feel threatened” Mallard

(Aired: 9/26/18)

Show 125: Today on the Climate Report a brief summary of last week’s Global Climate Action Summit 2018 conference and an important new local climate commission getting underway in Sacramento. Also, news about “Run4Salmon” which was part of the local “Rise for Climate event here recently including a benefit concert coming up locally later this week. Also, “Ode To Earth” is coming back soon! Don’t miss this creative event with local talented performing artists. Listen in as some of the performers share their thoughts about why the event is important. 

Music: “Earth Medicine” by Cody Blackbird Band and “Rough Road” by Prezident Brown. Both bands will perform at the upcoming local benefit concert for Run4Salmon later this week.

(Aired 9/19/18)

Show 124: The Climate Report is back and there are a huge number of climate change related activities underway right now. Today we’ll briefly cover some of these activities and how you can participate. Further reports on the global climate action summit and some of the other activities underway will be covered on future shows.

Breaking News! As I put this program together Monday, Governor Brown just Signed 100 Percent Clean Electricity Bill, Issues Order Setting New Carbon Neutrality Goal. We now return you to our regularly scheduled program…

On Sept. 8th hundreds of thousands of people worldwide came together to show the world what real climate leadership looks like.

Locally, 350 Sac sent 3 buses of people to Rise for Climate in SF on the 8th as well as participating in a local version of the event in Sacramento at the same time. Upcoming activities this month include the General Meeting Sept. 13th 6 PM 909 12th Street, all welcome, Ode to Earth IV is coming back later this month. More about that later in the program.

Music: The Road Sodas (“There May Be Hope”/radio version), Clan Dyken (“I am a Patriot”), and Hayride Casualties (“Fossil Fuel Kid”)

(Aired 9/12/18)

Download Show 123: Rise up for Climate Change, Jobs and Justice September 8th. We hear part of a recent interview with Laurie Litman about how 350Sacramento is combatting climate change including participation in important upcoming events in SF and locally and how you can volunteer and participate. At least 3 buses will travel from Sacramento/Davis and there is still space. 

Music: A big part of the energy generated at these events will come from music and today we’ll hear songs from the Rise for Climate Change Songbook selections performed by the Peace Poets and Thrive Street Choir (https://tinyurlcom/TscSongs). “Voice of my great granddaughter”, “Nobody Can Turn Me Around”, “Calling all Warriors”, “Paint the Future” “Rise for all Creation” “Protectors”

(Aired 9/5/18)

Download Show 122: Today we’re going to get an update from Laurie Litman, president of 350 Sacramento on how the group is combating climate change including participation in important upcoming SF and local events as well as how you can volunteer and participate too.

Music: I’ve got an interview with musician Dan Dewald of “Haystack Casualties”. His new album “Fossil Fuel Kid” focuses on climate change and how it affects us. We’ll hear clips of several of his new songs which I’ve played previously on Climate Report shows. Also, “They Will Never Keep Us Down” Martha Hawthorne

(Aired 8/22/18)

Download Show 121: On the Climate Report today we look deeper into a few of the many themes that will be covered in the third California Adaptation Forum coming to Sacramento later this month. We’ll also hear why shutting down coal burning power plants helps new born babies.

Music: “Change this thing” and “Push” Alex Smith of EcoShock fame and “Protect the World” Aussie Kids

(Aired 8/15/18)

Download Show 120: 350 Sacramento presented their recommendations to SMUD for their new carbon footprint strategy. More than 25 people from 350 Sacramento attended the SMUD Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) hearing to advocate for an aggressive plan to cut carbon emissions. The effort was a great success and accomplished what they came to do. All 5 SMUD board members present expressed support for or leaned toward the 350Sac position, which was realistic and thoughtful. Speakers covered a range of issues and delivered a powerful message to SMUD Board and staff. We’ll hear some of that input on the show today

(Aired 8/8/18)

Download Show 119: Interview with Laurie Litman about upcoming 350Sac events, their new office, and volunteer opportunities. “Clean Energy Getting Really Cheap” (Yale Climate Connections)

(Aired 8/1/18)

Download Show 115: Sacramento UNA 350Sac panel (remix show 109)

(Aired 7/4/18)

Download Show 114: Todd Litman Sustainable Transportation/Living (remix show 108)

(Aired 6/27/18)

Download Show 113: All Music (show 107 remix)

(Aired 6/20/18)

Download Show 112: Daniel Sperling Three Revolutions book (show 105 remix)

(Aired 6/13/18)

Download Show 111: Show 103 remix & Steven Cohen Sustainable Cities

(Aired 6/6/18)

Download Show 109: The Sacramento UNA hosted a panel on local climate action last weekend. ECOS and 350Sacramento presented information followed by a thoughtful discussion with many good questions and suggestions. Today we’ll hear some of the presentations. UNA also challenged its local membership to take a climate pledge which will be soon available online.


“Voices for Climate Change” by various artists, “Fight for You” Raye Zaragoza

(Aired 5/22/18)

Download Show 108: Highlights from Todd Litman Sustainable Transportation/Living Event, Protected Bike Lanes


“Traffic Jam” James Taylor, “Little Boxes” Malvina Reynolds, “Change this thing” and “Push” Alex Smith

(Aired 5/16/18)

Download Show 106: Theme today focuses on upcoming events including Big Day of Giving, LAFCo Reevaluation Workshop, Todd Litman Event and UN Climate Change Conference & Talonoa participation.

Music: “Coal Fired Train” Hayride Casualties, “Climate Change Songs”, “Beds are Burning” Climate Justice Now

(Aired 5/2/18)

Download Show 105: How to best plan and prepare for Sacramento’s transportation future? Transportation is responsible for 30 to 40% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere and triggering climate change. What does that mean for the future? Moving away from fossil fuel transportation would be a major step in reducing climate impacts. But can the era of individually owned, gas-powered cars driven by humans draw to a close? A new age of shared, zero-emission, automated vehicles is emerging. Best-case scenario: we end up with cleaner air, better-connected communities, and an expansion of accessible and affordable mobility options for all. Worst-case scenario: we end up with more sprawl and pollution as people are willing to travel farther in their cushy driverless cars. Today we look into three revolutions that will shape that future and how we need to best prepare for it by the expert who literally wrote the book…

Music: “Traffic Jam” by James Taylor” and “MTA Bus Riding Music”

(Aired 4/25/2018)

Download Show 104: Earth Day is coming back to Sacramento! This show also covered sights, sounds, music and more from last year’s Sacramento Earth Day, the recent March for Science and why climate change is bad for allergies and even your dog’s health.

Music: “Big Yellow Taxi” performed by Counting Crows, “Mother Nature Needs Us” by the PJ Grand Band.

(Aired 4/18/2018)

Download Show 103: Today’s show catches up on some recent climate news which doesn’t get adequate coverage in the news media, we also hear how a single conversation can develop into a lifetime climate commitment. In the second half of the show we learn why sustainability is the only way forward and cities must lead the way. The “March for Science” is back. More on why that is important and you should get involved on my “Making Tracks” show today at 12:30.

Music: “Fossil Fuel Kid” Hayride Casualties, “Fight for You” Raye Zaragoza, “Revolution” John Butler Trio.

(Aired 4/11/2018)

Download Show 102: Minor remix of Show 100 (replayed while we travel between Portland & Victoria) Climate Adaptation in California, Trauma

Music: “Storm of Light” Hayride Casualties

(Aired 4/4/18)

Download Show 101: There are many stories now of how climate change is affecting us now. Have you ever imagined that even includes your breakfast pancakes and maple syrup? Earlier springs make maple sugar production tougher as we’ll learn today Meanwhile there are many activities underway including locally where 350Sacramento has lots of ways you can get involved. There’s something for everybody to do. Listen to some great music to help motivate and get us going!

Music: “Fossil Fuel Kid” by Hayride Casualties “Push” by Alex Smith, “Same Side” by Hayride Casualties, “Breaking Free” Barbara Ford

(Aired 3/28/18)

Download Show 100: Climate Report show 100 today focuses adaptation to climate change. As individuals, a region, the state and beyond the climate affects our health and well being. The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative brings together stakeholders across sectors and jurisdictions in our six county region to address shared challenges. Their meeting earlier this month focused on trauma including those from increasing extreme weather and climate. A growing body of science demonstrates how early trauma can cause problems throughout life. So how can we move forward? We’ll hear thoughts on that as well as why a carbon budget is so important. The second half of the program will begin look at how California must adapt to climate change California has an impressive history of dealing with and greatly improving environmental impacts. Look at air quality, flooding and many other issues. Climate change increases these challenges many fold but we can draw from past accomplishments.

(Aired 3/21/18)

Download Show 99: Today we’ll review what 350Sacramento has been up to and how you can help as well as why that is so important including fossil fuel health impacts and the possible returning threat to our environment and climate from offshore oil drilling. We’ll also hear the story of a musician who decided to mix his climate activist concerns and talent and listen to a couple of his “climate folk” songs (“Fossil Fuel Kid” & “Same Side” as well as “Breaking Free” by Barbara Ford, another talented activist musician. 

(Aired 3/14/18)

Download Show 98: Today’s program updates what 350Sacramento has going on now and a number of ways that anyone can help. Music fills the show with a wide range of perspectives and motivation. A playlist of these and other songs relating to climate change will be available on the website soon.

(Aired 3/07/18)

Download Show 97: Today on the Climate Report we’ll hear exciting news from about major divestment actions taken in New York and how to win the fossil fuel fight. We’ll also learn how rising CO2 levels are making our food less nutritious and a creative way an artist has marked out places threatened by rising seas. The rest of the episode will listen in on part of a recent interview with California State Senator Bob Wieckowski who is a leader in advocating for climate adaptation programs here and the work he is doing to create and implement them. Recent extreme weather and fire events point to the need for better planning and more resilient development. Meanwhile mitigation to avoid increasing greenhouse gases remains the best overall adaptation to climate change.


“The Shadows” by Sandel

(Aired 2/28/18)

Download Show 96: Repeat of show 95

(Aired 2/21/18)

Download Show 95: Happy Valentine’s Day! Show someone you love how much you care by #showthelove for our planet today! The Climate Reality Project ( has lots of ideas and you can create your own. (I offer “A Wish for You” to my valentines, Laurie and our childred and grandchildren, and as a valentine we can share with all those we love!) Enjoy and then Act!

Science is pinpointing companies’ impact on the climate. Exciting new information is pointing to a pattern with the Fossil Fuel industry similar to the Tobacco industry and covering up information showing how their actions and decisions are harming the public. We’ll hear part of a recent USC podcast discussion on “Who’s responsible for climate damages?”

Yale Climate Connection: Californians collect cash for saving energy


“Here Comes The Sun” by Antonique Smith at the recent “Fossil Free Fast” event at Howard College and seen around the world.

“I wish for You” (

(Aired 2/14/18)

Download Show 94: These days there is always a lot going on with important events and actions. This week is no different. There are two very important hearings taking place in Sacramento this week. One would allow sprawl in south Sacramento County at expense of farm lands, habitat, water and wildlife conservation, transportation and climate impacts. The other hearing focuses on opening off-short drilling for oil along California’s coastline and most other oceans around the US. Sacramento hosts the only hearing in California on this and a large rally/protest is planned. 

  • We’ll also learn about the NAACP Climate/Env. Justice Program and hear a summary of the big “Fossil Free Fast” event from 1/31/18 including a local watch party at 350Sacramento’s office.

Music: Howard College Choir “Hold On, Change is Coming” performed at the Fossil Free Fast Livestream heard around the world on1/31

(Aired 2/7/18)

Download Show 93: It’s the end of January already and today we look back and some of the topics discussed in earlier Climate Report shows this month. 

  • 350Sac 2017 Accomplishments/“Change This Thing” Alex Smith Show 89
  • Natural Gas Problems/“When are we going to learn”, Jamorqui “Make it Hot” Baba Brinkman Show 90
  • Happy Bday MLK, “Are we a nation?” Sweet Honey on the Rocks, Thinking of buying an EV, Download Show 91
  • Carbon Zero Introduction Show 92
  • Climate considerations of Cement (New Segment)

Music: “Stand for Something” Cardinal Shehan School Choir, Andrea Day & Common (New Music)

(Aired 1/31/18)

Download Show 92: Carbon zero is a clear and obvious goal. It is a commitment to reduce emissions low enough that any remaining emissions can be absorbed by nature. While challenging, this goal is achievable. Cities, states, and countries around the world have already made this commitment and are working to implement the goal. Today we’ll hear about efforts in Seattle and Portland as Sacramento gears up to help lead the way. 

It has become clear that slow, incremental climate actions are not enough; we need aggressive goals that are commensurate with the extent of the threat. Efforts to achieve carbon zero will help create a livable future.

Music: “Breaking Free” Barbara Ford, “Destruction” Baba Brinkman 2018

(Aired 1/24/18)

Download Show 91: Happy birthday MLK! A few days late but still a good time to think about the vision this great man had. A beloved community where everyone lives in harmony and shares what the earth provides. That would certainly include addressing climate change and the environmental justice issues it increases now. What about the increasing extreme weather events being faced by many and the uncertainty and risk they bring? Insurance coverage can’t undo the suffering or loses and is that system even able to address what is happening? We’ll hear about that today. Finally, I’m thinking about buying an EV but there is certainly a lot to think about. Listen to a conversation about that and see what you think… 

Music: “Are we a Nation?”, “Erosion”, “Traffic Jam”, and “Riding the Bus”.

(Aired 1/17/18)

Download Show 90: Infinite Earth Radio Bonn Report. Adapting to a changing climate. Hear from NGO participants who attended COP23, 23rd annual conference of the parties on climate change was held in Bonn Germany. They’ll outline the increasing role local governments and others are taking to lead national governments towards more global climate action.

Music: “When you going to learn”, “Push”, and “Make it Hot”

(Aired 1/10/18)

Download Show 89: Today we’ll hear some of a Citizens Climate Lobby University program earlier this month: “Fossil Fuels, Climate Change and Human Health Connections”: One of the most powerful impacts of climate change is the many ways it is already negatively impacting human health.

Music: “Change this thing” Alex Smith, “Breaking Free” Barbara Ford, and “Make it Hot” Baba Brinkman

(Aired 1/3/18)

Download Show 88: Repeat show 83 revised.

Music: same

(Aired 12/27/17)

Download Show 87: All music show.

Music: “Change this thing” Alex Smith, “Breaking Free” Barbara Ford, and “Make it Hot” Baba Brinkman

(Aired 12/20/17)

Download Show 86: Repeat of show 81.

Music: “All I want is truth for xmas” by the Myna Birds

(Aired 12/6/17)

Download Show 85: This week’s show focuses on music that has been played previously on The Climate Report and the connection between artists such as these who inform and motivate us on the climate and related issues. Listen, dance or sing along if you like and get involved.

Music: “Liberated Carbon” Andrew Revkin, “Where are we going to go?” David Todd, “The last day on earth” Kate Miller-Heike, “Manhattan in January” Jill Sobule, “Ballad” New Model Army, “Protect the World” Aussie Kids, “An Inconvenient Truth, I need to wake up” Melissa Etheridge.

(Aired 11/29/17)

Download Show 84: COP23 has ended in Bonn Germany with momentum built including new financial commitments by delegates from over 190 countries and scaled-up climate actions by governments, cities, states, regions, companies and civil society.

Meanwhile, in the US, a major oil spill of upwards of 210,000 gal of oil sands crude oil from the Keystone pipeline happened a few days before Nebraska moved forward with the pipeline across it’s boundaries, whoops!

Closer to home today we’ll hear from the Sacramento Council of Governments (SACOG) on how the region is doing and what needs to improve to be more competitive, sustainable, and equitable for all who live here as part of a planning workshop held in West Sacramento last Friday.

Music: “Time brings change” Jahari Sai and “Earth from outer space” Michael Franti

(Aired 11/22/17)

Download Show 83: Today we’ll hear about work the Nature Conservancy and others are doing with new science that supports the role of natural climate solutions in California and bring Al Gore back for a closer look at California’s new Cap and Trade Policy and a little song and dance too…

Music on the show is from Symphony of Science, featuring “Al Gore on Climate Reality” and an even bigger cast for “Our Biggest Challenge”

(Aired 11/15/17)

Download Show 82: Topics Infinite Earth Radio interview updating California’s Cap & Trade program with a closer look at how it works and will be linking with similar efforts elsewhere..

Music includes “Liberating Carbon” and “Break Free.”

(Aired 11/8/17)

Download Show 81: Topics interview of Victoria Barrett one of a group of young people suing the federal government for legal right to a safe climate and health atmosphere for all present and future generations.

Music “Protect the World” Aussie kids, “One Day” by Xiuhtezcatl, “Change this thing” Alex Smith

(Aired 11/1/17)


Download Show 80: Topics Repeat Show 73 “Al Gore Inconvenient Sequel”

Music: same

Aired 10/25/17


Download Show 79: Topics Repeat Show 67 “Paul Hawkins Drawdown”

Music: same

Aired 10/18/17


Download Show 78: Topics Repeat Show 65 “Laurie/Sac350 Interview”

Music: same

Aired 10/1/17


Download Show 77: Repeat Show 62 Topics: State Climate Coalition, Climates Mayors

Music: “Danger” The Waifs, “Are we a nation?” Sweet Honey on the rocks, “Inconvenient Truth” Melissa Etheridge Aired 10/4/17


Download Show 76: repeat Show 74 Endless Summer Music

“Endless Summer” “Runaway Train” Eliza Gilkey “Slow down fast” Bruce Cockburn, “House of trouble” “Dirty Town” “Everybody’s Talking” Harry Dean Stanton

Aired 9/27/17


Download Show 75: Topics Repeat Show 62 State Climate Coalition, Climates Mayors

Music: “Danger” The Waifs, “Are we a nation?” Sweet Honey on the rocks, “Inconvenient Truth” Melissa Etheridge

Aired 9/20/17


Download Show 74: Endless Summer Music

“Endless Summer” “Runaway Train” Eliza Gilkey “Slow down fast” Bruce Cockburn, “House of trouble” “Dirty Town” “Everybody’s Talking” Harry Dean Stanton

Aired 9/13/17


Download Show 73: Topics “Inconvenient Sequel” interview with Al Gore

Music : “Truth to Power”

Aired 9/6/17


Download Show 72 repeat CR Show 68: Topics: 350Sacramento’s Legislative Team Update.

Music: “Level Up” Vienna Teng, “First Daffodils” Bibio, “Ocean Death” Baths, “Now Time” Balam Acab

Aired: Replay 8/30


Download Show 71 repeat CR Show 67: Topics: Project Drawdown introduction and explanation by Paul Hawken

Music: “A Thousand Million Reasons Why” Colin Hay, “Symphony of Science”, “Build a new world” Katie Costello

Aired: Replay 8/23


Download Show70 repeat CR Show 66: Topics: Sacramento County Climate Action Plan and New Climate Legislation

Music: “The Shadows” Sandel, “Change this thing” Alex Smith

Aired: Replay 8/16 (include Cold Beer Event)


Download Show 69 repeat CR Show 65: Topics: Laurie Litman 350Sac interview, beer and climate (time/update Cold Beer/Hot Planet event 8/22), energy consumption of gaming computers and other devices. (Extended version too)

Music: “Waiting for the world to change” John Mayer, “Aint got nothing”, “Frontline”, Make the Change”

(Aired: Replay 8/9 (include Cold Beer Event)


Download Show 68: Topics: 350Sacramento’s Legislative Team Update.

Music: “Level Up” Vienna Teng, “First Daffodils” Bibio, “Ocean Death” Baths, “Now Time” Balam Acab

Aired 8/2/17


Download Show 67: Topics: Project Drawdown introduction and explanation by Paul Hawken

Music: “A Thousand Million Reasons Why” Colin Hay, “Symphony of Science”, “Build a new world” Katie Costello

Airs: 7/26/17


Download Show 66: Topics: Sacramento County Climate Action Plan and New Climate Legislation

Music: “The Shadows” Sandel, “Change this thing” Alex Smith

Airs: 7/19/17


Download Show 65: Topics: Laurie Litman 350Sac interview, beer and climate, energy consumption of gaming computers and other devices. (Extended version too)

Music: “Waiting for the world to change” John Mayer, “Aint got nothing”, “Frontline”, Make the Change”

Airs: 7/12/71


Download Show 64: Topics: Summer arriving. Weather extremes, (Repeat & reworked show)

Music: “Time brings change” Jahari Said duo “Traffic Jam” James Taylor “Change this thing” Alex Smith

Airs 6/28 & 7/5/17


Download Show 63: Topics: (Show 62 repeated due to radio station technical problems)

Music: same

Airs 6/21/17


Download Show 62: Topics: State Climate Coalition, Climates Mayors

Music: “Danger” The Waifs, “Are we a nation?” Sweet Honey on the rocks, “Inconvenient Truth” Melissa Etheridge

Aired 6/14/17


Download Show 61: Topics: (Replay Show 50 with world music) Because People Matter 350Sacramento board interview/Community Forum introduction.

Music: “AintGotNothin”, “Changing with the climate”, and “Voices for Climate Change”

Airs: 6/7/17


Download Show 60: Topics: (Replay of Show 50) Literature and climate change, can it help? Welcome to Cli-Fi. 

Music: “Poor People” Alan Price, “Come Tumbling Down” Colin Hay

Airs: 5/31/17


Download Show 59: Topics: SB 560 regarding climate risk divestment for CalPERS & CalSTRS, CCL Sacramento Chapter

Music: “The Shadows” Sandel, “Change this thing” Alex Smith, “Where we going to go?” David Todd, “Push” Alex Smith, “There may be hope” Road Sodas

Aired: 5/24/17


Download Show 58: Topics:Tech problems, show redone using “Because People Matter” 350Sac board interview & introductory remarks from the Community Forum. 

Music: “When you going to learn?” Jamorqui, “Breaking Free” Barbara Ford, “I’m going to build a new world” Katie Costello

Aired: 5/17/17


Download Show 57: Topics: Recent Marches, Big Day of Giving, Upcoming 350Sac Comm Forum

Music: “What are we doing?” Clan Dyken, “They call it democracy” Bruce Cockburn, “Revolution” John Butler Trio

Aired: 5/3/17


Download Show 56: Topics: March for Science, Climate Mobilization March, 350Sac Comm Forum, Alex Steffen Ted Talk

Music: “Activist” Jay Samuel & DJ Logic, “Revolution” John Butler Trio

Airs: 4/26/17


Download Show 55: Topics: Edited/updated version Show 48

Music: same

Airs: 4/19/17


Download Show 54: Topics: Edited version Show 41

Music: same

Airs: 4/12/17


Download Show 53: Topics: Edited version Show 42

Music: same

Airs: 4/5/17


Download Show 52: Topics: Edited version Show 43

Music: same

Airs: 3/29/17


Download Show 51: Topics: Reworked Show 40 & added Ode to Earth


Airs: 3/22/17


Download Show 50: Topics: Literature and climate change, can it help? Welcome to Cli-Fi. <Extended>

Music: “Poor People” Alan Price, “Come Tumbling Down” Colin Hay

Airs: 3/15/17


Download Show 49: Topics: Yale Calif. CC Updates, “Years of Living Dangerously” Season 2 <Extended Version>

Music: Change this thing” Alex Smith/EcoShock, “Erosion” Baba Brinkman, “Forest” Twentyone Pilots

Airs: 3/8/17


Download Show 48: Topics: Support Science and the DAPL Struggle Continues.

Music: “Earth from Outer Space”, Michael Franti, “Manhattan in January” Jill Sobule, “Climate Deniers Anthem” Spoof, “Liberated Carbon” Andrew Revkin (airs 3/1/17)


Download Show 47: Topics: The Valve Turners came to Sacramento hosted by 350Sacramento

Music: “Where we going to go?” David Todd, “Break Free” Barbara Ford (airs 215/17)


Download Show 46: Topics: Further update on the Valve Turners event this week and other ways to get involved.

Music: “Inconvenient Truth” by Melissa Etheridge and “Towing that Line” by Devil Makes Three (aired on 2/8/17)


Download Show 45: Topics: Direct Action! The Valve Turners are coming & important words from the past by Joan Norman.

Music: “Are we a Nation?” by Sweet Honey on the Rocks, “Keep Towing that Line” by Devil Makes Three and “Who’s going to build your wall?” by Tom Russell (aired on 2/1/17)


Download Show 44: Topics: Inauguration insight and Sacramento Women’s March and Changefest

Music: Erosion” by Baba Brinkman and “Bicicletas de Paz” at Changefest in Sacramento (aired 1/25/17)


Download Show 43: Topics: Happy Birthday MLK! Laurie Litman 350Sacramento Interview

Music: “Mother Nature Needs Us” by PJ Grand Band (airs on 1/18/17)


Download Show 42: Topics: Cabinet climate deniers, oh my!, How do we talk about climate? We all have climate stories to tell.

Music: “A Long December” by Counting Crows, “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye and “Ooh la la” by Rod Stewart (airs on 1/11/17)


Download Show 41: Topics: Regenerative Ag 

Music: “Sharks and Vultures” by Oceans ate Alaska and “Down in the Forest” by 21 Pilots (air on 1/4/17)


Download Show 40: Topics: The Active Many can beat the greedy few, TPP Dead

Music: “Hard Times” Gillian Welch, “All I want is Truth”, MynaBirds, “Staircase” Serena Matthews, “Rocking the Rez” Joel Rafael metal (air on 12/28/16)


Download Show 39: Topics: Redo Show 32 with edits

Music: (air on 12/21/16) (“All I Want is Truth for Xmas” by the MynaBirds, “There May Be Hope” by the Road Sodas)


Download Show 38: Topics: We Won, No DAPL!, Climate 101, Climate Politics, YCC Carbon Farming, Solar Roads

Music: “Standing Rock” by Trevor Hall, Midnight Express at Sacred Stone Camp, R.E.D a Tribe called Red. (supposed to air 12/7/16 but last weeks show played instead)


Download Show 37: Topics: Prepare for surprises! Arctic temperatures and Ice loss, COP22, Marshall Islands

Music: “Two Degrees” poem, “Right of Birth” by Natalia Lafourcade and friends, “Morning Star Choir” Marshall Islands Tribe, “Indian Givers” by Neil Young ((aired 11/30/16 & replayed by accident again on 12/7/16)


Download Show 36: Topics: NAACP Climate Justice Program, COP22 Climate Talks, Youth Climate Lawsuit against Feds

Music: “The Shadows” by Sandel, “Love in the time of coral reefs” by Ruth Mundy (aired 11/23/16)


Download Show 35: Topics: Now What? Proud to be a Californian, states/cities must lead on climate issues, collaboration with human rights, environmental groups who must support and protect each other.

Music: “Are we a Nation?” by Sweet Honey on the Rocks, “Get up, Stand up” by Bob Marley, “Who’s going to build your wall”? by Tom Russell (aired 11/16/16


Download Show 34: Topics: There will be “Hell to Pay” and a need to be an “Activist” once the election is finally behind us.

Music: “Hell to Pay” by Bonnie Raitt, “Activist” by Jay Samel with DJ Logic & friends (aired 11/9/16)


Download Show 33: Topics: Vote the Climate, Before the Flood.

Music: “PTSD NoDAPL” by Tech N9ne & Red Cloud, “Inconvenient Truth” by Mellisa Etheridge, “What about climate change?” by Eve Silver, “Moment to Breath” by Thrent Reznor & Atticus Ross (aired 11/3/16)


Download Show 32: Topics: Climate Hard Times and Hope. Climate hero Bill McKibben spoke on 10/23/16 at a 350PDX event.

Music: “Hard Times” by Gillian Welch, “There may be hope” by the Road Sodas (aired 10/26/16)


Download Show 31: Topics: Tiny Houses and cool roofs. 

Music: “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds (aired 10/19/16)


Download Show 30: Topics: More Good News about oil trains and a celebration for their defeat.

Music: modified “This land is your land” by Raging Grannies and “When Standing Rock comes rolling in” by Dave Lippman (aired 10/12/16)


Download Show 29: Topics: No Dakota Access Pipeline Needed, Move to 100% Renewable Energy

Music: “Black Serpent” by Doug Hendren, “Indian Giver” by Neil Young (aired 10/5/16)


Download Show 28: Topics: Benicia Oil Train Good News, Citizen Science, Ode to Earth, Local Climate Adaptation.

Music: “No Oil Trains, No Way!” Seattle Kids, “I’m going to build a better world” Katie Costello (aired 9/28/16)


Download Show 27: Topics: TPP, Dakota Pipeline and Oil train updates. 

Music: “PTSD” Tech N9ne & RedCloud. “Salt Water” Julien Lennon. Aired Sept. 21st 12:00 PM


Download Show 26: Topics: 350Sacramento activities, Dakota Access Pipeline

Music: “Wilco Climate Song” cover Easy Chairs, “PTSD” Tech N9ne & RedCloud. Airs 9/14/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 25: Topics: Rock Against the TPP concert and teach-in recently held in Portland, OR.

Music: Recorded from concert. Aired 9/7/16 1:00 PM?


Download Show 24: Topics: Todd Litman presentation from Transit 101 event.

Music: “MTA bus riding music” “Clouds” Easy Chairs. Aired 8/24/16 & 8/31/16 12:00 PM?


Download Show 23: Topics: RT discussion of transit programs as part of Transit 101 series. 

Music: “Traffic Jam” James Taylor, “MTA bus riding music”. Aired 8/17/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 22: Topics: Food Waste and Hops threatened by climate change (from show 13)

Music: Mallard, “Clouds rolled off our tongues” & “I feel threatened”, Alex Smith/EcoShock “Change this thing” & “Push”. Aired 8/10/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 21: Topics: May Boeve quote & calendar.

Music: “Rape of the World” Tracy Chapman, “Where are going to go?” Ben Todd, “Ballad” New Model Army, “Hard day on the planet” Louden Wainwright III, “Protect the world!” Aussie kids. Aired 8/3/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 20: Topics: All music show. 

Music: “Liberated Carbon” Andrew Revkin, “Where are we going to go?” David Todd, “The last day on earth” Kate Miller-Heike, “Manhattan in January” Jill Sobule, “Ballad” New Model Army, “Protect the World” Aussie Kids, “An Inconvenient Truth, I need to wake up” Melissa Etheridge. Aired 7/27/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 19: Topics: Transportation new ideas & local sales tax proposal, climate change threats to human health, Climate Action Plans outreach/education monitoring application idea, Drought poem by Gary Soto.

Music: “Traffic Jam” James Taylor, “Climate Deniers Anthem” spoof, “Breaking Free”. Aired 7/20/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 18: Topics: Better uses for food “waste”, “Collapse of Western Civilization” book review, Sacramento tree ordinance revision update, Calendar

Music:”What about Climate Change” by Eve Sibler, “Build a new world” by Katie Costello, “Climate Deniers Anthem spoof. Aired 7/13/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 17: Topics: EcoShock Radio interview of Richard Heinberg & his new book “Our Renewable Future”, Calendar events

Music: No music. Aired 7/6/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 16: Topics: Background & local oil train situation, redesigning cities, hybrid car batteries, solar energy with low cost housing, how beavers may be a natural tool to store surface water & recharge ground water.

Music: “No oil trains, no way”. Aired 6/29/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 15: Topics: Climate change impacts on health, weather patterns, “Growing Resistance, drought, oil & climate change in Calif”, a look at drought, oil and water supplies, National Audubon’s report on birds/climate and finally, a poorly thought out local plan to raise transit fees while increasing auto dependency in spite of the fact that transportation is a major contributor to air quality problems and climate change. 

Music: No music. Aired 6/22/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 14: Topics: 350 Sacramento, Oil trains update including recent Columbia River Gorge derailment, a book review, climate change & health and more

Music: No oil trains, no way”. Aired 6/15/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 13: Topics: Food waste & climate change, Hops/Beer and climate change. 

Music: Mallard, “Clouds rolled off our tongues” & “I feel threatened”, Alex Smith/EcoShock “Change this thing” & “Push”. Aired 6/8/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 12: Topics: Intro why music important.

Music: All music taken from previous shows. Aired 6/1/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 11: Topics focused on the recent Eco Home Tour during May is Bike Month.

Music: “Breaking Free” and “Change this thing”. Aired 5/25/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 10: Topics included Fort McMurray forest fire, brewery addressing climate change, car carbon advice, climate caused earthquakes in Oklahoma, and breaking news on the San Luis Obispo oil train proposal. 

Music: by local band Mallard, the No Oil Trains Kids group, and local Climate Change Chorus. Aired 5/18/16 12:30 PM


Download Show 9: Topics included youth involvement, bay area commute high tech tools, and more.


Download Show 8: Topics included Breaking Free from Fossil Fuels, local events and more. 

Music: “Clouds rolled off our Tounges” (band spelling), “Two Lovers” by Mallard & “The Kiss” by Jahari Sai Quartet. Aired 5/4/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 7: Topics included Transportation Funding & Climate Change, Possible Future Collapse of Western Civilization book review. 

Music: “Traffic Jam”, James Taylor; “Born to Run parody” Bruce Springsteen/Jimmy Fallon, “Earth Song” Michael Jackson. Aired 4/27/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 6: Topics included Mayoral Candidate discussion etc. 

Music: ”The Shadows” by Sandel 2009, no album. Aired 4/20/16 12:00


Download Show 5: Topics included Weather vs Climate, etc. 

Music: Various folk songs modified and sung by “The Climate Chorus”. Aired 4/13/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 4: Topics included 350Sacramento Discussion with Laurie, Oil Train Issues, etc. 

Music: “No Oil Trains, No Way”, multiple artists, YouTube & “Love Song for the Earth”, multiple artists, YouTube. Aired 4/6/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 3: Topics included Local Calendar, Paris Talks Update & Local Followup. 

Music: “Sing for the climate”, multiple artists, The Big Story (YouTube). Aired 3/30/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 2: Topics included Climate Connection News and more. 

Music: “I’m going to build a new world”, Katie Costello, Single music video YouTube. Aired 3/23/16 12:00 PM


Download Show 1: Topics included 350Sacramento, Climate Threats to California. 

Music: “What about climate change?”, Eve Silber, “Buy This Fracking Album, disk 2”. Aired 3/16/16 12:00 PM