City of Sacramento New Building Electrification Ordinance Has One More Hurdle


Can you spare five minutes to write a comment or send an email to your council member? Even better, join us on Tuesday evening to make a virtual or in-person comment!

The City of Sacramento’s New Building Electrification ordinance is up for a final vote this Tuesday, November 29 at 5pm. Maybe you’re thinking, “Didn’t this already pass over a year ago?” Yes, yes it did – but then California published new code guidelines that required the ordinance to be reopened and revised before its January 1, 2023 start date.

This is one of the only climate action policies that the City has passed in the last three years. Can you spare five minutes to write a comment or send an email to your council member? Even better, join us on Tuesday evening to make a virtual or in-person comment!

Quick Actions to Take:

1. Email your council member – find contact info and a template below.

2. Leave an e-comment: City’s comment portal (requires you to log in, email and password only)

3. Make a verbal comment:

Virtual: ZOOM LINK for 5pm Council Meeting – raise your hand for Agenda Item #25 (raise it while they are finishing the consent calendar)

In-person: Council Chambers at 915 I Street, 1st Floor beginning at 5pm.

Resource: Talking Points

Our suggested talking points from when the ordinance was passed in June 2021
Resource: Councilmember Email/Voicemail Template

Dear Councilmember X,

I urge you to support and pass the New Building Electrification Ordinance this Tuesday. The Council ALREADY PASSED this ordinance in July 2021. The ordinance should go into effect as originally approved, starting in 2023.

This ordinance impacts only new residences and places of business, not existing homes and businesses. It also has categorical exemptions for restaurant cooking equipment and industrial process.

We are excited that the City engaged with the Pipefitters Union to create a sister ordinance of water reuse requirements, which will help the City conserve water and help enhance work for pipefitters impacted by this ordinance. In this aspect, the City of Sacramento stands out as a city that has actively supported with policy a just transition for people whose work is impacted by the switch from gas to electric.

Also, this ordinance saves homeowners and renters money. In a study with over 100,000 buildings, 100% of the buildings modeled would show a decrease in overall utility spending with all-electric appliances.

The New Building Electrification ordinance is an important step to take on early to minimize investment in new gas infrastructure, making sure that people living and working in new buildings are not saddled with gas appliances with over 10-year lifetimes, and getting started on the path to carbon zero today.

Thank you,

(Your name)
Resource: Councilmember Contact Info

Mayor Darrell Steinberg | (916) 808-5300 | Email Here

Angelique Ashby | (916) 808-7001 | Email Here

Sean Loloee | (916) 808-7002 | Email Here

Jeff Harris | (916) 808-7003 | Email Here

Katie Valenzuela | (916) 808-7004 | Email Here

Jay Schenirer | (916) 808-7005 | Email Here

Eric Guerra | (916) 808-7006 | Email Here

Rick Jennings, II | (916) 808-7007 | Email Here

Mai Vang | (916) 808-7008 | Email Here

(Who’s my councilperson?)

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