10th Anniversary SUCCESS!

Thank you to everyone for making our 10th anniversary celebration absolutely fabulous!

A special thank you to SMUD, Chrysalis Cosmetics, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, and our many other sponsors. Another special thank you to all of our guest speakers, presenters, panelists, and judges. And one huge thank you to our volunteer organizers (and Moiz!), who we rely on to turn dreams into reality, one climate action at a time.

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Join 350 Sacramento to celebrate 10 years of climate activism!

We can all agree that 2020 has been rough - but we've never been more charged up. After 10 years of local climate activism, 350 Sacramento continues to do our best by keeping it cool (by "it" we mean the planet). From the beginning, we've worked to shift the standard doom-and-gloom messaging of the climate change movement to make it positive, inspiring, and (dare we say) fun. Investing in a future that is better and brighter for all is something we can all do together. In fact - it's something we MUST do together.

Anyway, you know all that - that's why you're here to celebrate with us! We're so happy to have you. We wouldn't be here without you - seriously! No matter when you joined 350 Sacramento, your presence and passion has kept us rallying for a healthier planet, pushing Sacramento towards being a model city, and having a good time while we're at it.

So we invite you to partake in a month-long party with fun and educational activities, beginning on our true anniversary, October 10, through the end of October. Below you'll find info on our events. Add them to your calendar and we'll see you (digitally) soon!

October Anniversary Event Details

PAST EVENT: 10/10 | Anniversary Kick-Off, featuring Bill McKibben

[Record available here]

Anniversary kickoff featuring Bill McKibben, climate hero and cofounder of 350.org, which inspired 350 Sacramento. This will be the beginning of 3 full weeks of fun and inspiring activities, celebration of 350 Sacramento’s 10 years of accomplishments, and opportunity for Q&A for Bill McKibben. 4:00–5:00 pm. Register.

PAST EVENT: 10/14 | Meet Paul Lau, SMUD CEO & GM

[Recording available here]

Meet Paul Lau, incoming GM/CEO of SMUD. Learn about Paul Lau’s vision for SMUD going forward and take this opportunity to ask questions. 4:00–5:00 pm. Register.

PAST EVENT: 10/17 | Ode to Earth

6:00–7:30 pm. Register.

Ode to Earth, a showcase of our connection to Mother Earth through visual and performing arts. This event will be the 5th iteration of this flagship event, though the first virtual edition. You will see emotive performances from local Sacramento artists through original dance, songs and poetry. We will also have interactive discussion and collective creation. Invite your friends to a night to remember. Plus, bid for the planet during our Ode to Earth Auction from Oct 10th through the 18th! Check out the auction items here >>.

Local performers:

More TBA! Check the Facebook event page for the latest updates.

  • World renown dancer, choreographer and director of Unmata and Hot Pot Studios, @Amy Sigil. www.amysigil.com
  • Musician and poet collective NBoks! (nonbinary-oks)
    • @Nb.oks on instagram
  • Traditional and contemporary bellydance and Japanese Taiko drum & dance performance artist, Sawako. www.sawakoama.com
  • The young and impressive Yeshahyah Yisrael will share his wise words about growing strong from the darkness
  • Wes Samms & Steven Morkert, two local musicians, will perform original song about life and death
  • Local Artist and musician Mary Sand reminds us of our most basic needs through music.
  • Hooper and dancer Maia Valentine shares her earth worship hoop dance.
    • @maiavalentineart instagram
    • @maiamaiamaia on venmo
  • Urban farmer and poet Nel'Sun shares a piece on connecting to the land and healing it, and ourselves in the process.
    • IG: @wegrowurbanfarm
  • Local poet and hip hop artist Noctivagent is finishing an album this year. @Noctivagent
  • David Jacob shares music to build a regenerative future.


PAST EVENT: 10/19 - 10/25 | Walk & Roll-a-Thon Challenge

Walk & Roll-a-thon, an active transportation challenge and fundraiser for individuals & teams. Sign up, get pledges if you wish, walk or roll, have fun!! Sign up!

PAST EVENT: 10/21 | Panel: Slow Streets Action

Slow Streets Action roundtable. Slow Streets can make bicycling easier, safer, and more attractive. The Sacramento City Council called on neighborhoods to take the lead on identifying streets and implementing this easy solution. How can we move this idea forward and make it happen? 6:00–7:30 pm. Register.

PAST EVENT: 10/24 | Mary DeMocker Presentation and Q&A

Mary DeMocker, author of Parent’s Guide to Climate Revolution. This talk will benefit everyone interested in climate action, parent or not. 6:00–7:00 pm. Register.


PAST EVENT: 10/28 | Panel: The Future of Food

Join us for a panel on the future of food and food waste in Sacramento! 6:00–7:30 pm. Register.


PAST EVENT: 10/1 - 10/31 | Green the 'Ween Contest

GreenThe’Ween contest. For all who want to be greenly ghastly, sustainably spooky and environmentally eerie. Join us in making the earth a safe clean place for our monster friends. Post photos of your green costumes and decorations all month, and announcing winners on Halloween! Categories: "Greenest", "Spookiest", "Judge's Favorite" "Family Fun" and "Most FB likes.” Green can include the theme (dressing up as climate change, for example), using all reusable or recycled materials, using all natural materials, or all of the above. Register or find us on Facebook!

Now announcing our special guest judges: Serena McIlwain, Undersecretary for Environmental Protection, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Crocker Art Museum Board Member Ryan Heater, and Christina Raynard of the Zero Waste Sacramento group!


Here's a loosely chronological list of the many accomplishments we've made together as 350 Sacramento.
(Also check out our gallery below!)

  • Martha Turner and Laurie Litman reached out and organized potlucks to find people to participate in 350.org's 10-10-10 day of action
    • Had over 12 actions registered for the Global Day of Action on 10-10-10
  • A handful of activists formed 350 Sacramento in Nov or Dec 2010

  • Events & Activities
    • Organized Community Forum: Fast Track to Carbon Zero
    • Climate Cafe Pizza Party for youth
    • Youth Camp for Climate Action
    • Strike for Climate: Mar 16, May 24, Aug 4, Sept 20, Nov 29
    • Climate Chorus Patio Party
    • Reach Code Campaign
    • SMUD Engagement for 100% Renewable Energy
    • Climate Emergency Declaration
    • Language Academy Anti-Idling Campaign
    • Strategic Planning
    • May is Bike Month bike team
    • Voices of Color for the Climate Open Mic
    • Global Week of Action w/Art Build
    • Sacramento Transportation Authority Ballot Measure Hearings
    • Tour of Sacramento Recycling Center
    • Fossil Free CA CalPERS and CalSTRS events
    • Engaged with Sac General Plan/Climate Action Plan
    • Sponsored Greening Black Churches
    • Grid Alternative Work Day
  • Teams/Recurring Meetings
    • Youth Team
    • Carbon Zero Team
    • Transportation Team
    • Legislative Team (met with Ami Bera, Ken Cooley, Jim Cooper, Kevin Kiley, Kama harris, Doris Matsui)
    • Fundraising Committee
    • Volunteer Planning sessions
    • Outreach Committee
    • Climate Action Plan Team (working on Elk Grove, Galt, and County CAPs)
    • Climate Coffee
    • Climate Chorus
    • General Meetings
    • Team Lead Meetings
    • Climate Report weekly radio show
    • Book Study Group
  • Representation/Honors
    • Physicians for Social Responsibility High School Essay Contest judge
    • Capital Region Collaborative Steering Committee
    • Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change (participated as Commissioner, on Technical Advisory Committees, gave public input, youth summits)
    • Ilonka Zlatar, 350 Sac boardmember, chosen as 2019 Environmentalist of the Year
    • Workshops/Meetings/Trainings
    • How to be an Environmental Jsutice Ally workshop
    • Green New Deal Watch Party
    • Green New Deal Town Hall
    • Volunteer Orientations
    • Phone Banking
    • Debate Watch Parties
    • SMUD staff presentations to 350 Sacramento
    • Speaking with Electred Officials training
    • Basecamp 101
  • Presentations/Hearings
    • March for Science (Ilonka)
    • Climate Change Compact of Yolo Co (Laurie)
    • Climate Sangha (Laurie)
    • United Nations Association (Kate)
    • Kiwanis (Laurie)
    • CA Dept of Water Resources (Laurie)
    • ECOS (Laurie)
    • Beth Shalom (Laurie
    • CEC re solar shares
    • BECC Conference (Elli)
    • Environmental Justice Element
    • SMUD meetings
    • Sacramento Transit Authority testimony
  • Tabling/Demonstrations/Support
    • Women’s March sponsor
    • MLK This Was Not the Dream march
    • Earth Day at Southside Park sponsor
    • March for Science sponsor
    • Dave Matthews Band (tabled)
    • Close the Camps protest
    • Day of Action for SB54/AB1080
    • Call to Action Against White Supremacy
  • Fundraisers
    • Big Day of Giving
    • Cold Beer for a Hot Planet
    • Fundraiser at Drakes
    • Annual Appeal
  • Grants
    • Clean Air Partnership
    • Rose Foundation
    • Patagonia
  • Movies
    • An Inconvenient Sequel
    • The Reluctant Radical
      • The Burden
  • Cowspiracy
    • Living the Change
    • Paris to Pittsburg
    • Motherload
    • .... and more


Sponsorship Opportunities

Download Sponsorship Invitation Letter

Sponsorship Opportunities chart

  • Up to $250: Climate Guardian
    • Name listed on event landing page
    • Shout out during Bill McKibben event
  • $500: Climate Champion
    • Name listed on event landing page
    • Shout out during Bill McKibben event
    • Anniversary T-Shirt
  • $1,000: Climate Hero
    • Name listed on event landing page
    • Shout out during Bill McKibben event
    • Anniversary T-Shirt
    • Logo on flyer
  • $2,500: Climate Rockstar
    • Name listed on event landing page
    • Shout out during Bill McKibben event
    • Anniversary T-Shirt
    • Logo on flyer
    • Thanked before each event
  • $5,000: Climate Superstar
    • Name listed on event landing page
    • Shout out during Bill McKibben event
    • Anniversary T-Shirt
    • Logo on flyer
    • Thanked before each event
    • 10-minute presentation during anniversary month

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