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    Composting as a Climate Positive Community Practice

    Hello, readers! Here’s something to get you up to speed on upcoming changes to waste sorting rules in the City of Sacramento. I will explain where and how to practice smart composting locally to benefit your plant life and our biosphere. Yes, you can feel good about improving air quality for current and future generations! […]

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    Compost: A Day in the Life

    Recently, I’ve been improving my compost game – in my backyard, that is. Checking on the pile, turning the material with my shovel, and identifying the bits that don’t seem to break down as quickly – it’s fun, educational, and not too malodorous. It is one of the most beneficial things to do for raised […]

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  • What I learned at 350 Sacramento’s ‘Wilder than Wild’ Screening

    Smokey the Bear and fire prevention — a PR success story, but not so successful on the ground. 350 Sacramento’s recent screening and panel discussion of the documentary film ‘Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forests, and the Future‘ walked me through burnt landscapes wrought by recent fires showing how and why past forest management practices have […]

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