Climate Action Plan Team

The Climate Action Plan Team is committed to accelerating transition to a sustainable future in the Sacramento region by compelling local governmental agencies to discharge their obligation and draft, adopt and fully implement Climate Action Plans that exhibit leadership towards limiting warming below 2 degrees Celsius.


Climate Action Plans done without citizen engagement typically done to meet minimum requirements and lack follow-through. 


- Publish the “Recommendations” in both long and short-form and distribute to the County Board, staff, stakeholders, media and general public (using the 350 website and committee structure.)

- Conduct meetings with members of the Board of Supervisors, relevant County staff and contractors, and both allied and opposition stakeholders.

- Attend planning meetings at the County and present the “Recommendations” formally to the Board in a public and newsworthy way.

- Continue until the County has produced a Climate Action Plan that meets both the State and 350 Sacramento objectives and it is adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

- Begin Stage 2, which is to monitor implementation of the Plan.


Come to an upcoming meeting or contact team lead Justin.