Climate Action Plan Team

The Climate Action Plan Team (CAP Team) is committed to accelerating transition to a sustainable future in the Sacramento region by compelling local governmental agencies to discharge their obligation and draft, adopt and fully implement Climate Action Plans that exhibit leadership towards limiting warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

What's the problem?

Climate Action Plans done without citizen engagement typically done to meet minimum requirements and lack follow-through.

Our solutions?

  • Publish the “Recommendations” in both long and short-form and distribute to the County Board, staff, stakeholders, media and general public (using the 350 website and committee structure.)
  • Conduct meetings with members of the Board of Supervisors, relevant County staff and contractors, and both allied and opposition stakeholders.
  • Attend planning meetings at the County and present the “Recommendations” formally to the Board in a public and newsworthy way.
  • Continue until the County has produced a Climate Action Plan that meets both the State and 350 Sacramento objectives and it is adopted by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Begin Stage 2, which is to monitor implementation of the Plan.

Get Involved

Come to an upcoming meeting or contact team lead Justin.

Climate Action Plan Team

CAP Team Archive

CampaignDoc TypeDateSubjectFile NameSummary Description
Sac Co CAPLetter8/28/2017GHG Targets2017-08-28, SaCo ,Tgts.docxNo subject line in letter. Critiiques per capita GHG targets, advocates carbon budgets.
Sac Co CAPLetter6/11/2019FY 2019-2020 BUDGET: CLIMATE ACTION PLAN2019-06-11, SacCo, Budg Rqst.pdfAsks that CAP prep be included in 2019-20 Co budget. Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter2/18/2020GENERAL PLAN ANNUAL REPORT: GHG MEASURES2020-02-18, SacCo GP AnnlRpt Rqst.pdfAsks that Co's 2019 Annual GP Report due April 2020 dicusses CAP. Note: This follows our 1/27/20 letter and 1/28 oral testimony re Mather S indicating possible legal challenge absent CAP; the Jan 28 statement by three Supvs that CAP was needed; and our subsequent offic visits to Supvs.
Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
2020-04-06, SacCoCAP, Apr 7 BdHrg.pdf
Notes that CAP is only conditionally included in Co's 2020 workplan; urges firm commitment; includes lists of needed CAP elements and unsatisfied GP commitments. Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter4/8/2020COUNTY CLIMATE ACTION PLAN – THANK YOU2020-04-08,SacCoCAP-SupvThnks.pdfThanks BOS for directing staff to initite CAP at 5/7/20 meeting; notes BOS direction for transparency and robust public involevement; requsts adequate funding.
Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter5/12/2020COUNTY CLIMATE ACTION PLAN: FUNDING2020-05-12, SacCoCAP Fund Prop.pdfExpresses concern CAP may not be funded due to Covid, cites GP cmmtmnt re funding, suggsts stff ask Bd to adopt fee.
Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter5/27/2020COUNTY CLIMATE ACTION PLAN: FUND SOURCE2020-05-27, SacCoCAP FundSrc.pdfNotes that CAP is funded by selected developers, cites GP fund cmittmnt, suggests Co. adopt fee to fund dvlpmnt and mntnc of CAP.
Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter6/1/2020EARLY ACTION PLANNING GRANT (JUNE 2 AGENDA, ITEM 23): SUPPORT2020-06-01, SacCo EA PlnGrnt.pdfSupports non-cmpttv appl for plnng grant to identify, assess, and seek to remove barriers to infill dvlpt. Note: also relates to LU.
Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter7/16/2020 Sac Co CAP, Initial Comments2020-07-16, SacCoCAP DftSched-JtCmt.pdfNo subject line in letter. Rqsts copy of funding agreement w dvlpr; notes public rvw sched problem; expresses cncrn re use of MND; and need to consider programmatic measures.
Sign: 350, ECOS, Sierra Club.
Sac Co CAPLetter9/25/2020SAC CO CAP, SCOPING COMMENTS2020-09-25, SacCoCAP Cmmt-2.pdfPresents six principals for the CAP: urgency, exceed Stare targets, LU measures, social justice, accountability and updates, robust public input.
Sac Co CAPLetter11/19/2020COUNTY CAP - NOV 6, 2020 TECH MEMO: COMMENTS2020-11-19, CAP Cmmt (TechMmo).docxIdentifies numerous deficiencies in the Tech Memo CAP.
Sac Co CAPLetter1/18/2021SAC CO CAP, ADMIN DRAFT: COMMENT2021-01-18, CAP AdmDft, 350 Cmt.pdfIdentifies numerous deficiencies in the Admin Draft CAP.

Sac Co CAPLetter3/23/2021GP ANNUAL REPORT: COMMENT (MARCH 24 BOARD MEETING, ITEM 6)2021-03-24 SacCo GP AnnlRpt Cmt.pdfComments on Sac Co GP Annual Report for 2020. Supports proposed GP Update. Supports proposed formal infill program. Reviews sizes of housing demand and approved and planned greenfield projects, asserts oversupply of entitled sprawl projects will result in partial build-out and more environ impact. Asserts CAP planning needs stronger public involvement and compares with other Co planning projects
Sac Co CAPLetter4/9/2021SAC COUNTY CAP, PUBLIC DRAFT: COMMENTS2021-04-09, SacCoCAP PubDft-Comment.pdfComments on Sac Co "Public Draft" CAP. Details three over-arching concerns: CAP is inconsistent with Co Climate Emergency Declaration (CED): does not meaningfully adress LU/VMT nexus; lacks accountability. Includes CED/CAP comparison; LU/Planning background and concerns; analysis of non-credible measures, etc.
Sac Co CAPEmail5/4/2021Sac Co CAP: May 11 Request2021-05-04, CAP-Phase 1 Inconsistent (Eml).docxRequests stakeholder meeting discusion of inconsistency between adopted Phase 1 CAP, 'Strategy Document" and draft Phase 2 CAP, citing LU/VMT-related language in Phase 1.
Sac Co CAPEmail5/14/2021Sac Co CAP, May 11 Stakeholder Meeting: Feedback2021-05-14, StkHldr#5 Feedbk (Eml).docxResponds inter alia to 5/11/21 CAP stakeholders meeting, discusses: (1) proposed use of EIS-Addendum for CAP; (2) use of "altetnatives" as proposd by Co.; (3) 350 goal for CAP and "alternatives" supported; (4) Role of Phase 1 CAP as applying to all sectors; (5) carbon offsets as controversial; four critiques were attached to original.
CCSD CAPLetter2/2/2021CCSD CLIMATE POLICY (FEB 3 AGENDA ITEM D.8): SUPPORT2021-02-02 CCSD ClmPlcy-Support.pdfSupports approval of Climate Policy, summarizes, provisdes suggestions.
CCSD CAPLetter10/7/2021CCSD CAP (AGENDA ITEM #21): COMMENT2020-10-07, CCSD CAP, WrittenNotes CAP is technically sound but lacks iplementation speciics; provides suggestions.