The Climate Report Radio Show Team

What is The Climate Report?

The Climate Report airs weekly on KUBU 96.5 low power FM in Sacramento and streams on the internet at The show is produced by 350 Sacramento, a local nonprofit working in the community on climate justice for us all. Dale Steele is the show host each Wednesday at noon with news, updates, calendar items, music,  interviews and other information to inspire you to get involved on climate issues. The show is about 5 years old and there are lots of opportunities to help and take it in new directions.

The Climate Report Radio Show Team

Get Involved

There are several ways you or others can get involved in the Climate Report:

  • Provide audio recordings from events or other local activities. I search for information from local and online sources each week and produce and upload "The Climate Report" no later than Monday evening. I also look for other audio media including music, poems, etc. to broaden the intended message.
  • Help produce the show by recording, editing and providing segments for use in upcoming programs.
  • Hosting the show! (see below)

Normally I record in the office when possible, but currently produce each show at home. Previous content is replayed when I'm unable to produce a new show. Audio/video calls are often used as an additional tool for collecting and sharing information.

I welcome suggestions for new segments or written or recorded material for use, too. Much more could be done with this radio show and it would be possible to expand the potential audience significantly by moving to more of a podcast format. Fresh skills and energy are key to making this happen.

I would like help with content from events and organizations for use on the radio show. We can record “Zoom” and “GoToMeeting” meetings for possible use in radio programs. It might be to possible to have a “live” radio program by recording focused discussion via Zoom/GoToMeeting.

While it's currently a 30-minute program, it could certainly be expanded to 60 minutes!

Looking for a chance to learn something new or practice some existing skills?

Wanted: New Radio Host!

I'm looking for someone to fill in and eventually take over "The Climate Report" for 350 Sacramento.

There are lots of options including conducting interviews, creating segments, filling in for a period of time or more. I would be available to provide support as needed. Access Sacramento requires a short multiple session radio producer class offered in the evenings. Class size is small. I've developed remote methods for all aspects of production but you can switch to live shows, longer formats and more.

Some equipment including an iMac, microphone, and recording/editing software will be available when it is possible to return to the 350 Sacramento office. Meanwhile, you can work with your own desk computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and I can suggest software and advice as desired.

Drop me an email or message on Basecamp if you are interested or would like to get together to discuss in more detail.

You, too, can be a community radio producer!

Get Involved