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We believe that together, we can create a beautiful future with clean air and a safe, healthy environment for all to enjoy.

What is Big Day of Giving?

Big Day of Giving (BDOG) is an annual giving challenge bringing the Sacramento region together to support the nonprofits that serve our community. Visit the official BDOG website for more details.

Support Climate Action

Making a donation is one of the simplest, quickest, most impactful steps you can take to help fight climate change. You can give directly through our donation page, or through the official BDOG website.

How Your Donations Help

As the climate crisis intensifies, we must increase the scale and speed of our response. Your donations will allow 350 Sacramento to do more and act faster, helping us:

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Grow our advocacy, education, and community programs, which will strengthen our capabilities to achieve new climate victories.

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Build our campaigns and actions to ensure our leaders prioritize urgent climate and community needs without delays or “greenwashing.”

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Support organizational capacity, which includes everything from office space and staffing to educational materials and technology.

Thank you for supporting 350 Sacramento!