CAP Action: Time to speak up!

350 Sacramento CAP team logoThe Sacramento County Planning Commission will consider the Sacramento County Climate Action Plan (CAP) on Monday, October 25. The meeting starts at 5:30 PM and the CAP is Agenda Item #2

If you’ve followed these posts, you know the CAP is unacceptable. This meeting is an important chance to send it back to staff for major improvement. The County needs to know there’s strong public support for real climate action. Otherwise the next step is to the Board of Supervisors for approval. It’s better to stop it before then.

Please phone in a comment.  

We know – you have other stuff to do, and  maybe it sounds a little intimidating. But it’s what’s needed, and you can do it. And we bet you’ll be glad that you spoke out.

What should you say?

Comments are limited to 2-3 minutes (it will be announced), so it doesn’t have to be fancy. It’s fine to just say you want strong CAP, this isn’t it, and please send it back for revision.  You can also refer to the below list and attached fact sheet.

Talking Points for The CAP (Agenda Item #2): 

  • Presents vague, unsubstantiated measures without timelines, program details, or realistic goals;
  • Will increase sprawl because it will streamline the approval of development projects which comply with its weak terms;
  • Fails to meet the requirements of the December 2020 Emergency Declaration;
  • Fails to focus on land use issues directly in the County’s authority,  especially emphasizing infill development  and affordable housing over sprawl, which it must do since auto traffic is the largest source of GHG
  • Fails to preserve open land which currently sequesters carbon;
  • Is being adopted through an improper process without adequate environmental review, because the County is relying on a 10-year-old EIR done long before the draft CAP existed.

To Write Your Comment

Another way is to send an email comment to (based on these Talking Points). Include meeting date of 10/25 and agenda item #2. Your contact information is optional.

For reference, see Commenting Procedure and Agenda.
Talking Points >>

We Can Do This!

— CAP Team

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