Climate Conversation with County Supervisor candidate Gregg Fishman

You’re invited to have a conversation with Sacramento County Supervisor candidate Gregg Fishman on what Sacramento County should do about climate change. This is an opportunity to learn and ask where he stands on local climate and environmental issues so you can better inform your vote. The event will be hosted by Dave Tamayo, SMUD Board of Directors, Ward 6, on Tuesday, Sept 1, 2020 at 6:30pm. RSVP is required – contact

If you need to check your voter registration status, please visit


  1. Ann Kohl says:

    Unfortunately I have a County Mental Health Board meeting at this same time. Please let me know when to put back up Greg’s lawn sign and what the campaign is doing.

    Is there anyway to hear the discussion at this meeting the next day? Thanks Dave for working on his campaign.

    • hi350sac says:

      Hi Ann – we’ll ask Dave if he can record the meeting and then share a link with us that we can post later!

  2. Ann Kohl says:

    The sign is back up at 2710 Sierra Blvd. Tell Patricia. I will mail my latest check when I can get to my mailbox. Knee sprain so inside now.

    Facebook campaign looks good. Like your platform. The County DWR is doing a FEMA update for Hazard Mitigation Action Plan. Looks like the 2017 list and needs update with Climate smart infrastructure and stronger flood management policies.

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