Electrification Team Update: CAP Recommendations

Our 350 Electrification Team submitted the following comments to the Sacramento County Plan, as a supplement to the 350 CAP group’s excellent critique of the Plan. Our points are a bit technical and specific to the electrification measures. They cover three areas:

  1. The Plan uses the wrong gas emissions factor which suspiciously inflates GHG savings by 22%.
  2.  The 2030 goals for electrification of commercial buildings (25%) and residential homes (30%) are actually pretty good, but the CAP recommended measures to achieve them will fall short without stronger actions.
  3. Finally, we question how the Plan calculates its purported share of SMUD’s GHG savings from its 2030 Carbon Zero Plan. This is important because the County touts these background savings as part of its rationale for the County not having to set its own, stronger goals.

Read the full comment letter here.

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