Join the final Climate Commission Meeting!

Please join us for the final Climate Commission meeting on Monday, June 29, from 4–7 pmRegister here. At this meeting, Commissioners will vote on the Final Report and there will be presentations about next steps and near-term actions. Go to to download the Final Report (with the Year One projects) and the Technical Report (the part with the details), and to make public comments during the meeting.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved in this effort: TAC members, student summit participants, public commenters, those who have written letters, and those who have put pressure on the cities and commissioners to do more and move faster. Our next step is to push the City Councils of both cities to approve the report and recommendations, and to prioritize climate justice solutions as they make decisions about covid recovery and spending. We know that 2045 is too late so we MUST be vigilant and push for the vast majority of recommendations to be accomplished by 2030 or earlier. 350 Sacramento has a new Team that will be working to implement commission recommendations as quickly as possible—contact Elise for more information about the team. Contact Laurie for information about the commission.

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