Measure A is Not Ok


350 Sacramento says NO to Measure A and you should too! This Measure is being pushed by wealthy developers, disregards the needs of Sacramento county, and will take us off track from our state-mandated climate goals. Vote NO on Measure A this November!

alt=""350 Sacramento opposes Measure A and here is why. This Measure would cost taxpayers $8.5 billion dollars over the next 40 years but would not provide Sacramento residents with the clean transportation solutions they need or desire. This money would go into road widening and development projects outside of central Sacramento locations. The wealthy developers proposing this legislation call it a “citizens” measure but the public never participated in its creation. If this Measure is successful, Sacramento would likely not be able to meet state-mandated climate goals. It is crucial that Sacramento residents not allow this outdated and unnecessary measure to pass as it will affect lower and middle-income households the most. We must secure a sustainable future for younger generations and we can only do that with transportation projects that fund active transit methods. Environmental, taxpayer, and transit rider groups join other organizations in opposing Measure A. Please join us in fighting for a cleaner and more sustainable future by casting a NO on Measure A on your upcoming ballot.alt=""
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