Newsletter: August 19-26

The Time is now!

The milestone Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and recent Senate passage of the infrastructure bill is a reminder that our commitment to climate and social justice is essential right now. 350 Sacramento continues to be an organization that helps each other adapt in an unpredictable world. No individual can do everything, but together we can do a lot. We are thankful for your support and involvement.

These are some great ways to get involved this week:

Clean & Just Transportation Virtual Summit

Join the Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force (CEMTF) for a virtual summit to learn expert perspectives on how we can accelerate the phase-out of gasoline cars. To participate, register here. To see additional Task Force events, go to the CEMTF website.

A Conversation with Climate Scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Science Talk—Stewards of the Planet

Sacramento educational, environmental, and faith-based organizations have come together to present this important Zoom webinar at CSU, Sacramento on Sept 10 3:00-4:15PM. You can register here. For details, see the blog post.

A Conversation with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Action Plan (CAP) Update—A Sacramento County Scam? 

The Climate Action Plan has been delayed until September. Indications are that the County is preparing a bait-and-switch scam instead of a serious CAP. The bait is attractive “alternatives” to the actual CAP recommended to the Board of Supervisors.  The sting is that Sacramento County now claims greenhouse gas (GHG) legal requirements were completed in a 2011 Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the general plan update.

That’s absurd! The 2011 EIR clearly deferred GHG mitigation to the CAP! This circular fiction lets the County escape the requirement to provide evidence the CAP will work, and whatever promises the County makes will not be legally enforceable.  We won’t let the County evade its responsibilities. Watch this space and the 350 Sacramento blog for updates.

The Sacramento Bee Is Stepping Up on Climate

350 does not endorse electoral candidates, but if you have a Bee subscription this opinion piece does a great job of describing a young person’s informed and urgent concerns about climate change.

Note: This Sunday Aug 22, the Sac Bee print edition will focus on climate. This edition is also available if you have a digital e-Edition subscription.

Dirty Dollars Report from the Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is hard at work on a report that discloses campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. To find out more about the forthcoming report’s goals, check out Sierra Club California’s Capitol Voice August 2021.

Farm Fresh to You Promotes 350SAC

Sign up for Farm Fresh with the promo code 350SAC and receive their 10% promotional offer ANYWHERE IN CALIFORNIA. Farm Fresh is flexible—you can schedule deliveries weekly, every other week, every third week, etc. Out of town? Put your deliveries on hold anytime. Please help us spread the word on Nextdoor, social media, and with all your friends and family.

Climate Happenings

  • Aug 3 to 19 California Climate & Energy Collaborative (CCEC)
    A forum for local governments and the public to address energy issues, takes place August 3rd to 19th. Registration is free and open through Aug 19. Click here to register.
  • Wed Aug 25 Legislative Team Meeting
    For the link to the Zoom meeting, register here.
  • Wed Sep 8 Climate Action Plan (CAP) Team Meeting
    For the link to the meeting, email
  • The Climate Action Report Every Wednesday at 12 noon!!
    With host Dale Steele on KUBU 96.5 FM. You can also listen at  or with the new KUBU app from (Google Play | App Store).

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