Newsletter: September 29, 2021 – Be Bold

Call for Bold and Creative Action

Hello Members, we have a lot to share with you on this early Fall day. While our focus is on growing a network to combat and mitigate climate change and impacts here in our region of California, we are also creating new programs and outlets to suit our members and volunteers that want to make an impact in their own way, beyond policy, law and direct outreach. As promised, you can now access the Comment Portal to review and post a message to county officials regarding the County Climate Action Plan draft! More info below.

Newsletter Contents

  • CAP Draft
  • Legislative Team's Highlights and Next Steps52
  • Some fun co-hosting at Climate Justice Festival
  • Organizing meeting for Countdown to COP26. Thursday, Sept 30 @ 4:30 PM. Contact Moiz for info.
  • Fight Back Fridays @ Robert Matsui Courthouse - More
  • Power Hour is back on! Oct. 5
  • Skill Up Trainings - for October through December.
  • Climate Coffee - Second Sundays: Sunday, October 10 from 10:00 - 11:30 AM or noon. William Land Park. Contact Rupert for details. Everyone welcome!

County CAP Portal

We said before that Sacramento County’s draft Climate Action Plan is disappointing. We’ve reviewed it more, and it’s worse. A partial list of problems is:

  • CAP Measures are weak, vague, and unenforceable
  • The CAP supports climate-busting sprawl
  • The County intends to evade mandated environmental review accountability
  • The CAP doesn’t reflect the County's 2020 Climate Emergency Declaration.

Public pressure counts. We’ve set-up an online comment portal. There’s more info and you can quickly tell the County that after ten years of delay it's time to do its part to prevent climate catastrophe. Please comment in the portal.

Please do your part and demand a strong CAP.

Thanks very much.

Legislative Team Highlights and Next Steps >>

Read more here.

Climate Justice Festival

Success! Saturday, September 25 the Sacramento Poor People’s Campaign, Red, Black and Green Environmental Justice Coalition, Sacramento Climate Coalition and Fridays for Future jointly hosted Climate Justice Festival: Carbon Free by 2030 on the historic Callie Carney stage in McClatchy Park, Sacramento. Thanks to Faye Kennedy for the photo:

Countdown to COP26 Glasgow

What’s a COP? It’s an acronym for Conference of the Parties. Still confused? Every few years the world’s leaders gather to try to make meaningful change on the climate crisis. This year will be the 26th such gathering and, with the possible exception of COP21 when the Paris Agreement was worked out, they haven’t managed much—the crisis is worse than ever. And so we head to Nov 1–12, when COP26 will occur in Glasgow, Scotland. Due to the appalling negligence of past US presidents and heads of state, we have come to a point where this COP is being called our “last hope” to reverse the climate crisis. According to the latest IPCC report (and our own eyes) climate change is here now, and we MUST cut about 50% of climate emissions by 2030 and 100% by 2050 to have even a fighting chance to stop runaway climate change. We all need to know what a COP is.

350 Sacramento is hosting a “Countdown to COP26” throughout the month of October to draw attention to the event and what’s at stake. We envision various actions by various groups, some big (rallies at the Capitol), some small (call your representatives every day). The Countdown calendar will be on our website in a few days and we encourage you to check it regularly and join in whatever events you can (and call your reps every day to demand action).

Climate action occurs at all levels: individual to international. 350 Sacramento primarily focuses at the local level, where we have had some great accomplishments. This month we will expand to state and national actions as well, to put pressure on state, national, and international leadership. California is the 5th largest economy in the world and has always had influence at the COP. Newsom must use his newly secure platform to be a true climate leader and move Biden to show courage in bringing bold commitments to COP26.

Our first event in the Countdown will be Fight Back Friday on Oct. 1. These are weekly gatherings at the Courthouse to pressure Congress to Protect Our Vote and support a Reconciliation Bill with bold climate actions (Build Back Fossil Free!) to ensure that Biden has strong commitments to bring to COP26. The U.S. must lead on this!

Sunrise Movement has organized a People’s Watch to demand the full Build Back Better agenda be passed, saying "We are at a moment of life or death for our democracy, our communities, and our planet." Check out their Local Action Toolkit for more information.

Report on the Slow and Active Streets Pilot

Many of us are curious to know how the prioritization of walking and biking on residential streets impacted the various neighborhoods. If you think it could work long term in Sacramento consider mobilizing with us to support our city leaders and NGO partners for more active transportation. Report here.

Sac Bee On What's Stopping CA From Going Further

Here's a Sac Bee editorial about why California has not been able to pass major climate legislation since 2018 (the fossil fuel industry and its well-heeled lobbyists).

Skill Up with 350

We invite members of all 350 affiliates and their network to participate in a series of five online trainings geared to prepare members to organize and campaign with resiliency and power. The trainings are free, and last 2 hours. Slides and other resources are provided to support local trainings. Participate in any or all.

Get all the details in this flyer and register now to receive the zoom links.

All trainings are Saturdays 11:00am - 1:00pm PT / 2:00-4:00pm ET:

  • Saturday, Oct 16th - Climate Justice: Principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, intersections between climate and social justice movements, how to identify and address white supremacy culture and inequity in our groups and work.
  • Saturday, Oct 30th - Strategic Messaging: Why storytelling and messaging are essential to our work, how to create a just and equitable narrative that supports campaign strategies using non-extractive storytelling, and best practices for communicating our message.
  • Saturday, Nov 20th - Organizing and Movement Building: Why build a movement? How to recruit, engage, and onboard new volunteers, develop volunteer leadership, and build community.
  • Saturday, Dec 4th - Strategic Campaigning: How to choose a campaign, map out decision makers, allies and opponents, plan campaign goals, timeline, and roles, and select effective tactics using a justice and equity lens.
  • Saturday, Dec 18th - Policy Advocacy: How to advocate, how legislative bodies work, and how to influence elected officials--with examples from local affiliates to demonstrate common tactics and best practices.

More Climate Happenings

Tune in every Wednesday at 12 noon!! Listen to The Climate Report with host Dale Steele on KUBU 96.5 FM or or get the new KUBU app (Google | Android) to listen in anywhere.

Climate Coffee discussion meeting, Sunday, October 10, from 10:00 am until 11:30 or noon. We will be meeting at William Land Park. The directions & map will be available October 3. The meeting will be in an outdoor shaded location under the trees, with six feet separation distance, and please be fully vaccinated. Bring a chair or cushion for seating. Contact Rupert for more details.

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