October 8th Press Conference: CAP Doesn’t Cut It

October 1, 2021

Contact: Laurie Heller

Press Invitation

Code Red for Sacramento’s Climate!

County of Sacramento’s Final Draft “Climate Action Plan”

The County of Sacramento released the long-awaited Final Draft Climate Action Plan (CAP), their blueprint to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to the devastating impacts from climate change.

You are invited to a press conference at which local community organizers, environmental justice advocates, medical professionals, youth activists, business owners and environmental groups will address significant deficiencies in the County CAP.

  • WHAT: County of Sacramento Final Draft Climate Action Plan
  • WHEN: Friday, October 8, 2021 at 9:00 am
  • WHERE: Community Resource Project, Inc. @ the Louise Perez Resource Center, 3821 41st Ave, Sac. CA 95824

The CAP will have wide-ranging consequences for our region for decades. But, this CAP:

  • Lacks evidence that it will work!
  • Streamlines sprawl – which increases GHGs!
  • Ignores urgency and delays critical actions!

A concrete prescriptive CAP is essential to a sustainable future with sufficient resources, a strong – and green – local economy, and quality of life for all community members.

Local Environmental Activists to Speak:

  • CAP Lags behind Regional & State Plans to Reduce VMTs – Ralph Propper, Pres. ECOS (Environmental Council of Sacramento)
  • CAP Excludes Conservation of Valuable Open Space – Barbara Leary, Chair, Sierra Club –Sacramento Group
  • County ProcessStreamlines Sprawl – Oscar Balaguer, CAP Team Co-chair, 350 Sacramento
  • CAP Disregards Emergency Action to Address Climate Change – Jill Peterson, Local Issues Lead, Citizens Climate Lobby – Sacramento

Community Leaders to Speak:

  • Nailah Pope-Harden, Exec. Director, Climate Plan: Cumulative Benefits of Statewide Climate Action.
  • Gabby Trejo, SacACT: Environmental Justice
  • Brandon Rose, Director, SMUD; SMUD’s 2030 Carbon Plan
  • Ilonka Zlatar, Pres., 350 Sacramento; Urgent need for climate action & opportunities it affords.
  • Steve Cohn, Pres., Breathe California-Sac. Region, and Founder, SacMoves;
  • Herman Barahona, Sac Environmental Justice Coalition; Air Pollution In Low Income Communities
  • Faye Lessler, Sunrise Movement;
  • David Mogavero, Senior Partner, Mogavero Architects; Bd Member, Council of Infill Builders: County sprawl creates barriers to affordable communities;
  • Robert Rosenbaum, PhD., Climate Health Now;
  • Luis Sanchez, CEO, Community Resource Project Inc.; Host

Time is running out for public engagement.

The 30-day Public Comment Period ends Oct 8, 2021. The CAP is scheduled for presentation at the COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION ON OCTOBER 18 (open to public on Zoom). The final step will be review and approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Community Action.

Residents should contact their County Supervisor now! to demand a serious Climate Action Plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change in Sacramento.

The Urgent Need to Act.

Climate change here. Extreme weather and natural disasters are affecting agriculture, recreation, industry, health, infrastructure and natural ecosystems in the Sacramento Valley.  These impacts will accelerate during this century. The science is unequivocal: Bold, transformative action is needed now to drastically reduce emissions, and avoid even worse impacts from climate change.

All speakers are available for interview. Press conference recordclimate press release

ing will available on request.

For more information visit Sacramento County’s Climate Action Plan

IPCC’s Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis – Summary For Policymakers


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