Sacramento County CAP: What we’ve done, where we are, and what’s next

Our Assessment…

… “Inadequate, deceitful, useless, and a joke” is how one letter-writer put it. Our formal comments explain.

Our Formal Comments

… detail many inadequacies.

Our Summary Sheets

… review key issues:

Our Outreach

  • Over a hundred 350 Sacramento activists sent letters to Supervisors and staff.
  • We met with most Supervisors and Planning Commissioners.
  • We facilitated Sacramento Environmental Commission’s comment on CAP deficiencies.

Our Media Contacts 

  • We met with Sacramento Bee editorial and news staff, who are open to our input.
  • The Bee wrote this powerful editorial (citing us) on CAP deficiencies, and is providing other great climate coverage.
  • With other activists, we convened a press conference about the CAP’s shortcomings and why they’re a threat.

Our Legal Analysis

We think the CAP fails legal review requirements (CEQA) because: 

  • Its measures are not substantiated as feasible, effective, or enforceable.
  • The County unjustifiably claims CAP review was done ten years ago when the County updated its general plan.  

Coalition Building 

We’re working in concert with allies ECOS, Serra Club, and Citizen’s Climate Lobby on all the above.

Up Next

The Planning Commission will consider the CAP on October 25. We’ll ask members and friends to turn out and ask the Commission to recommend the CAP’s deficiencies be corrected before further consideration. 

Our Plan 

  • We’ll continue the above work, looking to solidify relationships with our press conference partners and others.
  • Legal action maybe necessary if the CAP continues to be inacceptable.
  • Sprawl. We’ll contest four huge sprawl projects beyond the County’s adopted growth boundary which are coming up for approval. They would bake-in increased road traffic and GHG for decades. We don’t need them because the County has already approved twice the housing needed for the next 20 years. These projects are land speculation, pure and simple and can’t meet modern standards for traffic reduction.
  • Ranch Cordova is developing a CAP and also aims to evade environmental review (using the same consultant as the County). We’re working with local activists, and think much of our work with the County will apply.

Thanks to all our members and friends! We’re only as strong as your support.

— 350 Sac CAP Team,

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