Simple acts for #GivingTuesday

The Fundraising Team needs your support!

Even if you don’t feel comfortable asking someone for money over the phone, you can still help by reaching out to your network, via email and/or social media. Please ask them to support 350 Sacramento during this #GivingTuesday!

A supporter, like yourself, who might only be able to give a one-time or a recurring donation of $25, $50, $100, or more, has the potential to raise hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. How, you ask? I’m glad you did! Just share this message via email and wait for the donations to roll in. It’s that simple.


Do you know that most people say they would give if only they were asked? It’s true! Just have them indicate it was your fundraiser in the donation form Notes section. This will give you credit for the work you did. Not bad, eh?

Giving can be in all forms, whether it’s recruiting more volunteers to engage with 350 Sacramento, a donation, or the power of their voice in your local community. #GivingTuesday is about unleashing the power of radical generosity – no amount is too small.

350 Sacramento needs our support!

Donate Here

This type of fundraiser is called peer-to-peer fundraiser. It allows you to create your own personal fundraising pages on social media, and appeal to friends and family for donations. You can also do this by text with a brief message. The opportunities are endless. But it all begins with you. Can I count on you today?

If this is completely out of your comfort zone, please consider making a donation yourself here to 350 Sacramento now or this #GivingTuesday. You know firsthand the importance of the critical work we still have to do together!

Our most recent accomplishment to share with others:

How will you be giving back this year? Share your thoughts with us on social media with hashtag #GivingTuesday and inspire others to give together, even when we’re apart.

Be inspired and be a part of the global generosity movement, and celebrate all acts of giving!

With gratitude,
Roula England
Development Director

p.s. Feel free to share any of the images on this page when making your #GivingTuesday donation asks 🙂 

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