#StopLine3 Rally Recap

Yesterday, April 1st, was a really hot day on the sidewalk outside the US Army Corps of Engineers office on J street. But we were out there to say we need to stop all fossil fuel infrastructure such as Line 3 in Minnesota, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and gas infrastructure in new buildings in Sacramento.

Burning fossil fuels is causing the climate crisis and making it too damn hot in April, in California no less. Gnawing at the back of my mind is the dread of the summer fire season and the memories of last summer, breathing smoke while stuck at home because of the pandemic. I organized the rally because we need to send strong messages to act on climate to decision makers at every level through a variety of means – letters, public comments, voting, marching, and visual displays. Thanks to Tobi Liston and Mary Sand for the beautiful banner and signs you created and video by Black Zebra on YouTube.

Francisco Dominguez spoke to remind us that Line 3 goes through native lands in Minnesota and violates treaties. Indigenous runners from South Dakota arrived in Washington, DC on April 1. They ran across the country to call on President Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline (the Corps of Engineers issued permits without sufficient regard for environmental and tribal sovereignty rights). Francisco talked about these pipelines being harmful to all our relatives.

350 Sacramento’s own Kate Wilkins spoke about the need to stop all fossil fuel infrastructure, including gas lines into buildings in Sacramento. Electrification of everything will help get us off of our addiction to fossil fuels. She also emphasized the need to provide a just transition for oil pipeline workers – guaranteeing them good union careers working on green projects, such as dismantling pipelines.

Thanks to all those who turned out – 350 Sacramento members, Sunrise Sacramento members, the couple who just moved here from Minnesota, Kate’s coworkers, 4 independent journalists, and Brad’s super cute family with 3 little kids (sorry I didn’t get all your names) who turned up just as we were packing up. We’ll see you soon – whether in the streets or on Zoom.

Written by Megan E. (350 Sacramento Volunteer and Power Hour Coordinator)

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