Strong CAP Petition Sent to Supervisors

We’ve now sent each Sac County Supervisor a 350 Sacramento Petition endorsed by their constituent and with most sent from a District resident. The Petitions ask the Supervisors to make sure the County adopts a strong Climate Action Plan (CAP), consistent with the County’s Climate Emergency Declaration and fully exercising the County’s authority to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. About 200 activists signed altogether, with 74 in District 3 (Supervisor Desmond) as a result of effective organizing by four activists there. In-District organizing is an extremely powerful way of influencing Supervisor’s votes. If you’re interested in joining the District 3 campaign, or working in another District, we’re all ears.

One petition and its transmittal email is linked here as a reference (personal info is masked in this public copy).

The County will soon release a final draft CAP, which we expect to be heard by the County Planning Commission around late August. We will review it carefully, and if the County continues to fail to meaningfully reduce GHG emissions we will again ask our members and friends to intervene.

FYI, we met with Sacramento Bee editorial staff in early July and were rewarded with a bare-knuckle editorial for a strong CAP. If you’re a subscriber, check it out here if you haven’t already seen it.

We are effective only through your support.

Thank you very much.

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