The Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change releases final report

UPDATE 8/30/2020: Details about the win posted here!

The Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change finished up its efforts with a high-level report and set of recommendations…now the real work begins. We need to make sure the recommendations are implemented and the current timeline accelerated. Everyone has a role to play to ensure that happens. Otherwise, the Council members may say nice things and then shelve the report, as happens all too often. (See our ASKS below.)

Our first opportunities are coming up over the next couple of weeks. We need to show up and comment, demanding immediate action. (See the ASKS below.)

  1. Wed, Aug 19 @ 7:00 pm: West Sacramento City Council—If you live in West Sacramento, please urge the Council to act on the Commission recommendations. West Sac has fewer resources and support for climate action than Sacramento, and resident support is crucial.
  2. Tues, Aug 25 @ 5:00 pm: Sacramento City Council—This is a very important meeting, the first test of whether the City Council takes the Climate Commission recommendations seriously. The Sacramento City Council will receive a presentation on the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change’s Final Report along with the detailed Technical Report. The Climate Commission presentation is agenda item #21 (first discussion item). The recommendation from staff is: Receive and File. We need to ensure that our Councilmembers take immediate action and don’t just file this report. The agenda and comment process are posted at: Don’t wait—make your comments today. You can also get to comments through our link: See our immediate asks below or use prompts from Sunrise Sacramento.

Our ASKS to City Council: Make the recommendations happen!

We have formed an alliance of individuals and organizations with the goal of ensuring the Climate Commission’s recommendations are implemented quickly, fully, and equitably. Next meeting of this group is Friday, Aug 21 at noon. Contact Elise for details and login.

1. Integrate Commission Recommendations Into City Governance.

  • Direct the City Manager to establish a senior-level position to oversee all aspects of climate-change implementation and present monthly on progress to the Council.
  • Direct staff to include the commission’s recommended strategies in the updated Climate Action Plan.

2. Support and Give Authority to the EJ Governance Committee.

  • Create and fund an Environmental Justice Collaborative Governance Committee that would work with city/county staff to provide community-led climate solutions.
  • The EJ Governance Committee should have shared decision-making authority over how funds are allocated, with the aim of achieving equity by investing more heavily in disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

3. Electrify Our Buildings.

  • Pass a low-rise residential electrification ordinance in 2021.
  • Start planning for electric retrofits. Direct staff to develop a proposal for funding and implementation of residential retrofits, including charging infrastructure and workplace parking. Decision-making authority for expending funds should be shared between the city and the EJ Governance Committee.

4. Combine Mobility Improvements with COVID Recovery.

  • Direct the city manager to propose a new teleworking policy in order to reduce employee car travel. The city must lead by example to encourage the business community to also adopt these changes.
  • Implement Slow and Active Streets. Close strategic corridors throughout the city to increase outdoor business capacity, reduce vehicle traffic, and provide safe streets for active transportation.

5. Reexamine Current Budget Allocations and Spending Priorities.

  • 350 Sacramento supports efforts to reduce dollars currently spent on Public Safety and Policing and redirect those funds to projects and services that directly benefit community members, particularly Brown, Black, and low-income residents.
  • 350 Sacramento also supports Participatory Budgeting, and requests additional avenues for the community to meaningfully engage in decision-making regarding where city resources are directed (see People’s Budget info above).

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