Volunteer Highlight: Alex A.

The volunteers of 350 Sacramento are a powerhouse and we often don’t get to hear their stories (because they’re so busy saving the planet!). So I’ve set out on a mission to occasionally highlight some of our volunteer superheroes! Stay on the lookout for more volunteer highlights.
Q: Tell me a little about yourself and why you volunteer with 350 Sacramento. What makes this work so important to you? And what IS the work that you do with us? What kind of future do you want to see?
Working with people on ideas that improve how we interact with the natural world is for me an exciting way to address the problem of climate change. I am focused right now on putting together the 350 Sacramento newsletter, which has been an incredible opportunity to stay up to date and advocate! I would like to see improved living standards around the world, with greater access, means and incentives to utilize common resources such as water and consumable items in a smarter way with less energy intensity.

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