Volunteer Opportunity: Reaching out to our supporters – 2021 Phone Bank

Written by Huck R.

Hi, Everyone!

This July, 350 Sacramento will be phone banking to reach out to our broad base of supporters. This is an extremely important part of our organization. It keeps our Sacramento community engaged, gives us more insight into the communities we serve so we can do better, and provides funding so we can continue the local fight for a brighter global future. This is an ongoing effort that you may contribute to at any time! Please sign up and we will get in touch with you with more info.

Important Info

  • We have already had training sessions, but a recorded training video is available to familiarize you with the phone banking process.
  • Additional call sessions will occur throughout July and you can make as many calls as you like on your own time.
  • This effort will involve contacting 350 Sacramento supporters, volunteers, and donors to check in, update contact information, discuss ways to get involved and stay engaged, and solicit donations. (No cold calls to random people not familiar with our organization!)
  • All calling/texting can take place using your own phone number (if you are comfortable) or a virtual phone number (if you wish your number to remain anonymous).
  • There is a script for all phone calls, voicemails, texts, and emails so you will be well-prepared. All other materials you will need are prepared and ready to go!
  • We will have training sessions and scripts so you will be well-prepared!

Please contact Huck Rees if you have questions or would like to help co-organize! He can always use the help. Huck can be contacted at (951) 663-1365 or huckrees@gmail.com

Most importantly, Register Here >>

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