Volunteer Opportunity: Sacramento CAP Video Campaign

Written by Kent Lacin

volunteer opportunityWho?

You! Can you help me with a video I’m working on for 350 Sacramento?


I’m doing a video campaign and I need a hand. It’s about the Sacramento County Climate Action Plan, to get the county really take it seriously, and to get the word out that people need to contact the Supervisors during this short public comment period. Filming will be fun, quick, and easy. I just need you to come get a quick video done in our photo booth and share it to social. We can help you do that at the time of the shoot. Our team will be ready to make you a star. Bring your phone – we will use it to film you!


Anytime between 3 PM and 8 PM on Thursday, September 30, 2021. The filming will take just a couple minutes.


Kent Lacin’s studio: 1609 Dreher, Unit D, Sacramento, CA 95811 (near Capitol Casino of 16th). Bring your phone – we will use it to film you!


Our county supervisors have the ability to take important steps toward a carbon zero future. We want to urge them to take those steps in their Climate Action Plan. It’s a very important document for a large area — Sacramento County is about 1,000 square miles!

The commercial will be pretty cool, all you have to do is cycle through the flip cards we give you and the action will happen around you. Since we film it with your phone, it will be you delivering the message on the cards. Then we help you post it on your social media of choice. We also supply you with a link to an action network page to help you write a letter. We film everybody the same day (this Thursday, Sept. 30 from 3 – 8 PM) at my studio (COVID safe, very big) and they post the same day. I am getting help from the young agency FUSION, they are building the set and are doing a lot for the production. It will take about 10 minutes for each person.

You can come on a walk-in basis. We have a parking lot. It’s very convenient.

For more information, contact Kent.


  1. Guy Hall says:

    Kent, transportation is about half of the GHG inventory. Can we do something similar about EVs? I’ll be at the California Auto Museum from 4 to 6:30 today.

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